100 Esplanade Ave
Harrison Hot Springs, BC V0M

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This is at the Harrison Hotsprings Resort and Spa by the way


In April 2009 I checked into a suite in the East tower. As usual, I checked the bed for any signs of bugs. To my dismay I found what COULD have been dried up little bedbugs in a "dust bunny" under the bed. I have NO proof that this is the case, I just wanted to add this experience to the site because I was worried and I want to put it out there.

The lady at the front desk was very courtious and told me they had never had any report of bugs before. T

hey found me another room in the newer, West tower at no extra charge. I found no signs of bugs in this room, however, both rooms had little brown/red blotches on the walls near the beds and end-tables. This could have been anything, but my mind automatically thought of blood spots.

I had a terrible sleep because of my paranoia, but there were no signs of bites that night or the following nights at home. Like I said, I have absoloutely no proof that what I saw under the bed were actually bugs.

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