10128 105 Ave Nw
Edmonton, AB T5J

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Allegedly, they will spray during the week of August 10th to August 14th, 2015. The reason for the re cent surge of bugs, roaches etc. is that the manager (new in 2012) for about a year now lets in any kind of thugs on drugs and thus the bugs. Decent people he will threaten with eviction when they complain about the thugs. He makes major money on the thugs - Alberta Health pays for their upkeep. They, the thugs, never vacuum, nor does the janitor.
Sweeping once in a while only. Please, where is

the White Knight that will castrate that manager swine with a rusty butter knife?????? We have a friend in there who deserves better than having thugs as neighbours.

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JESUS M.F. CHRIST this place is the worst building in edm. Anyone who makes money off this cesspool deserves castration with a rusty butter knife

June 21, 2012 - I have a family member that lives here and they have indicated that their suite has been sprayed a couple of times but they continue to come back. They are now waiting for their suite to be done again. This has been ongoing for about one year. Can't this be dealt with more effectively. Just the other day, they saw bed bugs again and it is so costly for these tenants with very low incomes to have to keep washing their belongings.

followup from last report, they had everyone in building evacuate for 8 hours while they sprayed.

Unfourtantly, nothing was done, and we left the building for no reason.

Is this yet again another attempt by the management to 'save money'?

I strongly advise everyone who has issues with the pests to report this to health Canada, and ask others who also experience it to report it. The more reports, and someone will come down on the management and MAKE them do something.

Too much lost sl

eep, ugly bite marks, and constant itching. Enough is enough...

Phone 780-735-1800 and request a health inspector come out and see the problem themselves.

Also, unknown by most, you CAN 'sue' for rent paid for however long you have lived under these conditions: talk to the people at capital health(the above number) for more information on this.

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Moved into 10128 - 105 Avenue a few weeks ago.

The second night we were bitten.
(We would not have moved in, had we been told
about bedbugs.) We switched on the light and saw
a large bug and two tiny ones trying to run away.It was 6:00 a.m. !!!
We caught them and put them in a jar. They are still alive!!!!!!! Two weeks later!!!!
As a matter of fact, we had asked if there is a bedbug problem. We were told 'absolutely not'.
When inquiring with other tenants, we were told
that since June

2010 a surge of bedbugs occured.

Can we sue the management for this?
Is there anything been done on any governmental level?

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i just moved to this adress 1 week ago 3rd floor and when i was cleaning i found one on a blanket so far the only one but it was quite large

This is the MacDonalds Consolidated Building,10128 - 105 Avenue, NW,Edmonton, AB, run by a "receiver" since April 2009.Hilltop Mgt, they call themselves. The owner is Lyle Stewart of Stewart Belland and Associates. Paragon Capital,Calgary, are the mortgage givers.
They do nothing about it.
The dirty mattresses, couches, etc. are lying around in the yard for weeks. Bedbugs galore are running around.
The main floor is particularly bad.

Our family friends live there for more than four years

. In March this year (2010) they first mentioned that they had bites and could not understand it because it was too cold for mosquitos.
We then alerted them to the possibility of bedbugs.
They did not even know that these creatures are still in existence, nor what they looked like.
When they put a bug in a container to show to us, they were shocked how huge they were. They thought that they were invisible to the naked eye.
So thought we for a while.

Why does the Government not bring back DDT and raise awareness even in children to this terrible pest. People lose thousands of dollars on value (lost furniture etc., buying insecticides etc.) - when is something being done by the Mayor of this city???
They have no rats in Alberta, but a humongous bedbug plague!!!!! HELP!!!!

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Started noticing bites on my arms, then found a bedbug on my towel(didn't know what it was at first, have since done LOADS of research)

At first freaked out thinking that somehow I managed to bring them in with me, or had an ex who brought them in a year or more ago, etc, but know how they are in the walls, and the air ducts, moving throughout the building.

I strongly advise everyone to try to catch a bedbug or two and show them to the management.

I have had horrible insomnia BEFORE th

is, this just makes it 10x worse.

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Why not mention these landlords - they are breaking the terms of any lease as they are bound by the Landlord/Tenant Act to provide a safe, clean, and healthy environment. They should be held accountable because it is the inaction of landlords that Edmonton's epidemic is due. They make healthy profits while their tenants are sleep deprived and itchy, spend thousands of dollars on laundry, new furniture, cleaning/disinfecting/exterminating and eventually moving. Yet landlords pay tenants no recomp

ense for breaking the terms of the lease, and they have the balls to keep security damages.

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After coming home to the smell of Pyr, I have now got a full blown problem in my north third floor apt. On my third week, moved from one live adult to now three nymphs and two adults on my bedding in one night (my new 3AM freakout wakeup). Three weeks, already over $100 in laundry, the landlord no longer pays for professionals, so ordered some food grade DE online. Seriously clean person, seriously unhappy...update to follow...

I lived in this apartament for 4 years, last year, I knew something was wrong started having vivious bites on my body. However did not think of bedbugs. Complained to the landloard , nothing much happened then complained to health board. Not much was really done half hearted spraying of rooms. This started in the summer of 2009.

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