Days Inn Thermopolis
Hot Springs State Park
Thermopolis, WY 82443

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I, again, apologize that your room had bugs and your families experience was anything less than satisfying. The Days Inn Hot Springs Convention Center is a family owned and managed hotel. We take this issue very seriously and have taken all measures to eliminate these unwanted pests from that room. We do not want another guest to have to experience what your family did.

I’m sorry if I came across as uncaring. I was not the Manager on Duty, I am the General Manager and had just finish

ed having a relaxing evening of cocktails and dinner with my blind uncle, nephew and husband. I stopped at the front desk to see if they needed any change for their cash drawer. I was visiting with our Catholic Priest when Jan brought me to the back room and told me you had bed bugs in your room. I asked her to get me a flashlight and I would be right back to go check the rooms. I went outside to inform my husband I needed to stay and please drive my uncle home; he lives 12 miles west of town. Since having had a few cocktails, I was just trying to keep a low profile and deal with the situation quietly. Jan did not show me the bug until I came down after checking the rooms.

This is not the first time guests have thought they had bed bugs, being so close to the river we do get different kinds of bugs in the building. That is why I went down to inspect your rooms with John.

John and I started in one room pulling back the mattresses, taking off the head boards and found nothing. This wasn’t the case when we pulled off the head boards in the second room. I was as appalled and shocked as you were. We rent this room every night during the summer and not one guest has said a word about bugs.

The next morning maintenance plastic wrapped the beds, box springs, blankets, sheets, pillows and carpet from this room and hulled it off to the dump. We then fumigated the rooms with non commercial bed bug bombs until our Pest Control Company could get here in two days to professionally eliminate them from that room. As preventive measures he did the rooms on both sides and upstairs. He also inspected all the surrounding rooms and found no signs in any other room.

The next morning I also had maintenance go through every room in the hotel and remove the headboards to see if any other rooms have any sign of bugs, they all came up bug free. They have inspected the surrounding rooms daily for the last week and have found no sign of bugs.

Again I apologize that your family had this problem. Please don’t stop coming to Thermopolis due to a bad experience with us. I assure you we have done everything to eliminate this one time problem.

Mary Mills GM

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We booked this hotel on priceline for the 15th of August, 2012. Upon arrival, we checked into our two connecting rooms, carried all of our belongings in, and went to eat. After coming back to our room, my father found a bug on his pillow, which he flushed down the toilet. After looking at pictures online, he was sure we were dealing with bed bugs, so we proceeded to check the other room, and found yet another bug in the sheets of one of the beds. We caught this bug, put it in a baggy, and too

k it to the front desk. The manager on duty neglected to even take a glance at the bug, rather came down to our rooms with an assistant to inspect the rooms for bugs. After searching in my parents room, she rudely suggested to me that there was no evidence of bugs, as if a live bug wasn't enough evidence. Then, while searching the second room, she admitted that there was an infestation in the headboard of that room. When you have one bug, you have tons....this hotel has a lot bigger problem than they are willing to admit! Horrible experience at 11:00 at night with a 2 year old. Will never recommend this to a friend, nor stay here again.

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