Big Bear Motel
139 W Yellowstone Ave
Cody, WY 82414-8723

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We spent last night, Sept. 21st, at Big Bear Motel in Cody, Wy. My husband woke up at 3 AM feeling something biting him on the back of his head. He pulled it into his fingers, crushing it. He saved it for me to look at, which I did immediately. It looked like a bed bug to me from what I have seen on the internet, and when he killed it, blood came out of it. We checked the bed for more and found 3 very tiny ones on the sheet. We killed one, and blood smeared the sheet when we did. We took al

l of our clothes to the Laundromat at 3:30 am to be washed and dried on high heat for 30 minutes. Hope it was enough. Got our money back and have moved to another motel.

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