Big Bear Motel
139 W Yellowstone Ave
Cody, WY 82414-8723

Found 3 reports:

We checked into a room on Sep 26th only to be awaken around 3:30 am by something crawling on me. I killed it & there was blood on the sheets. My wife & I turned back
the sheets to find some bed bugs. I killed around 7 bugs & took photos of them. I reported it to the office & brought an employee on duty to room to show him. He acted surprised. I asked for a refund & he did refund a portion. I do not recommend this motel.

Sept. 27... We see getting ready to leave when people in adjacent rooms told us and showed us the bed bugs in their room. We checked our room and found them on the pillows that we'd been sleeping in. Truly disturbing.

We spent last night, Sept. 21st, at Big Bear Motel in Cody, Wy. My husband woke up at 3 AM feeling something biting him on the back of his head. He pulled it into his fingers, crushing it. He saved it for me to look at, which I did immediately. It looked like a bed bug to me from what I have seen on the internet, and when he killed it, blood came out of it. We checked the bed for more and found 3 very tiny ones on the sheet. We killed one, and blood smeared the sheet when we did. We took al

l of our clothes to the Laundromat at 3:30 am to be washed and dried on high heat for 30 minutes. Hope it was enough. Got our money back and have moved to another motel.

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