Ramada-Plaza Riverside Casper
300 W F St
Casper, WY 82601

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dec of 2012 I was christmas shopping in casper and stayed by the pool and that night before bed my daughter and her friend killed a bug and showed it to me. It was a full grown bed bug . I lifted up the sheets to find huge staining on one of the matresses and on that same matress found smaller bed bugs in an earlier stage crawling on the matress pad. I put the full size bed bug in a plastic bag and went to the front desk and demanded they call a manager . They tried to move me into another room

and I said no WAY . I called my hubby and he came from another town and we bagged up everything and put it in the back of his truck ( because i was in my car and didnt want anything in there) , and took pictures of the bed and bugs . When we got home( at 4 am ) we all stripped down in the garage bagged our clothing and all rinsed off . We left everything in the back of the truck overnight . I called 2 professionals in the morning and emailed them pics , they both said it was the worse bed they had ever seen !!! I had The one exterminator came and sprayed my house just in case .the clothing and luggage that was in the back of the truck ,the hotel paid for the clothing and cloth items to be sent away and sprayed and dry cleaned ( it took months to get it back ) The exterminator recomended we bagged up all the new christmas presents for my kids and family that were not cloth to put in an airtight bag for 4 months in our shed . So my kidos had half a christmas in dec and the rest in april . The worse part is no one would return our calls and tell us when we were getting our stuff back and never an apology . I iched and had nightmares about the bugs for months . I have yet to stay in a hotel and we take our camper everywhere even if it is inconvienent , I dont know if i will ever enjoy staying in a hotel again . Thanks for making this place so I can check if I ever decided to stay in a hotel

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On December 8, 2012 my group and myself checked into the Ramada Plaza Riverside in Casper Wyoming. Our daughters were playing in the room next to us and while playing they found a bug and the babysitter in the group had the presence of mind to save it in a bag. The children all fell asleep and in the shuffle of moving the kids back to their rooms the bug in the bag was forgotten. Mid way through the night, the child in the play room woke up and showed her mother the bug and the mother quickly

identified it as a bed bug. The mother called me and in our search of the room we were able to find numerous tiny bugs in the bedding. The family checked out of the hotel and sought the help of an exterminator who verified that it was in fact an adult bed bug that our children had found.

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