Econo Lodge Coliseum Morgantown
3506 Monongahela Blvd
Morgantown, WV 26505-3022

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My daughter attended an event with her high school band.
They were squired lodging at this motel on 02/13/15. The next day she noticed that she and her friend were covered in bug bites. New clothing had to be purchased for her trip
Home as well as vigorous cleaning of all her personal items. The bites became inflamed worse throughout the week and ended with a visit to the local doctor. She is miserable with bites on her arms, legs, back, stomach and face. She also stated that the motel was la

cking in other areas. I contacted the motel to report this and was met with a general lack of concern. We have now spent over $100 purchasing over the counter medications as well as a trip to the doctor. Do not stay here.

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We've been staying at this motel for weeks, working in the area. I have been getting multiple bite for the past three weeks. This week has been the worst for me because I think I'm having some kind of allergic reaction. About 9 bites that are very swollen and extremely itchy. I was talking to a couple guys a few doors down from us that are also all bit up. They said they caught three of them and took them to the front desk. The motel put them in a different room and washed their cloth

ing. Today we left work to go talk to a manager and seen they have plastic over that door and what looks like a turbo heater blowing into the room. Management knows all about it and apologized. They said people are taking pics and trying to get free stays and talking about suing. We said we don't care about a refund we just don't want to take them home to our family's. They said they would send someone up to clean our room right away. Management has been very nice but hasn't really offered anything, not even a different room. We've been working on the road and staying at motels for almost 17 years now and never once had a bed bug incident. We will be looking for new accommodations. Be weary and do a little research before stay in motels.

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Bedbugs management refuses to change room

We stayed at this Econolodge on October 13, 2011. After getting bit by a bedbug we pulled the headboards off the rail to find an infestation of bedbugs running around. They were the size of half a fingernail and full of blood :( gross I killed one and found this out. I called the maintenance man into the room and showed him to which he confirmed that it indeed was bedbugs. We took pictures of this and video. The GM of the hotel refused to give us a full refund for our stay after something that u

nsanitary and disgusting. This hotel is not clean and had the worst customer service that I have ever experienced from Donna on the front desk to the actual GM. We filed a complaint to get a full refund and now they say that they never had any bedbugs.Ok, too bad we filmed it all and will be posting it online for future potential guests. It is more than disturbing that people think this is acceptable.Do not stay here!

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