Kalahari Resort & Convention Center
1305 Kalahari Dr
Wisconsin Dells, WI

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I have stayed at The Kalahari more times than I can count and have NEVER had an issue with bed bugs. I have stayed in the main building as well as the Sands building.

I have gone with my immediate family and I have gone with my extended family. We have had as many as 4 rooms at a time and NOBODY has ever had an issue with bed bugs.

I have had a few issues with noise in the hallway and the staff responded immediately.

On November 23, 2013 I went to the Kalahari for a hockey tournament.
When I checked in at 5:30pm and went to my room, I set everything in the bathtub because I had seen reports from the registry. We went to the waterpark, came back at 8:00pm, and when I pulled back the comforter, a reddish flat bug was crawling on the pillow. I took a cup and scooped it up to show the manager. When the night manager saw the bug he told me that housekeeping would check out the room. I told him I didn't care if t

hey were checking out the room, I wasn't staying. So after gathering my child, I left the establishment at 10:30 pm. I was not offered any discount or apology. I received a call that night from the manager saying the room had been checked and there was no sign of anything. (except of course the bed bug in the cup I gave him). The next day I received a call saying the "bug expert" had checked it out and the bug I caught was a gnat!!! I am not an idiot! It didn't have wings and it didn't fly. Finally after much discussion I said I would like the room refunded, but would pay for the wristband my child used for 4 hours! I will NEVER go there again. They try to cover up the situation which only makes their bed bug problem worse.

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I stayed at the Kalahari on March 25th, 2013, as part of employee appreciation party. We only stayed one night. Two days later, two large welts appeared on my neck. I brushed them off as being spider bites. However, the bites kept occurring with increasing frequency over the next several weeks. Today, a professional came to my home and determined that there are in fact bed bugs in our bedroom. There is no possible way that they came from anywhere but the Kalahari, as we have not traveled anywher

e else in 9 months, and have lived in our home for 6 years. The professional said that the timeline made it almost certain that the bugs came from the Kalahari, and he was not at all surprised. Eradicating them from our home will end up costing at least $650, if not more. I am furious.

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Stayed here the last week in April. Had a great time at the waterpark but left with a souvenir. Six red bumps on my arm and back. I've had the unfortunate experience of this before (another city), which prompted me to do a little search before the first night. Didn't see anything though, so many places to hide. But no doubt what it was that bit me. My wife is just now showing signs from her bites and I spent all day flipping and cleaning the bed and floor. I will email the resort tommorrow but I

don't expect much. I believe it may have been rm#4476 or 4479. Can't quite remember... but the fact remains


Good luck folks.

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I had a similar experience. I attended the WI Dental Association convention. I arrived 5/2/2013 and stayed in room at the Sands at Kalahari. I got up the morning of 5/3/2013 with 5 itching red bites. 3 were in a perfect triad of bed bug bites... I researched bed bugs yesterday....

I went to the front desk before I left today "5/4/2013" and discussed the bed bug issue. Finally I spoke with Robert Hanson. I showed him the bites and I also now have pictures of the bites. He assured me the certi

fied "bed bug specialist" would check out the room....

Guess what? I got a voicemail saying the room was CLEAN.
Obviously the guests are always wrong and management is right.I have news for the Kalahari, they may lose a couple of large dental events because of how they have handled this situation. I know some upper level dental people and one will see the bedbug bites in person Monday.

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On 4/24/13 I searched my beds for evidence of bedbugs and found two very obvious spots that could not have been anything else. It took 20 minutes for housekeeping to show up and they did give me a new room that appeared to be clean. The next day though, management called to let me know that they had done an investigation and determined that there were NOT bedbugs in the original room. They stated that the spots I saw were caused by a spill. This is simply not possible because you had to pull

the seam of the mattress back in order to see the spots. Management also stated that bedbug stains are red, not brown as I had described them which is also not true. There was one staff member who did appear concerned and sympathetic but the message from management was clear - I was wrong and there was nothing more to it. I used to love the Kalahari but now I'll never go back.

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