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We planned a get away for veterans day weekend. We booked at Mt Olympus Rome on the 3rd Floor. We arrived Late on Friday 11/8/2013,by time we settled in it was 1:30am. My daugther woke up at 4:30am yelling that something was biting her. To our surprise bugs all over the feet area of the bed. I called front desk and management came up quickly. The manager couldn't confirm what the bugs where. The Manager quickly changed us to one room,and explained that someone would be in contact we us between 8

am and 9am. No one called or came to the new room. I called front desk to speak with management at front desk to be informed that all are stuff was taken to treatment. We asked no called or informed us about treating our stuff. New morning manager stated that, Last manager stated we wanted our stuff treated. We spent half of the day waiting for our stuff and waiting for another room. We did get our money refunded for one day,We were given two rooms and allowed a late discharged on sunday. We just upset that no one spoke with us or explained anything about treating our stuff. Our experience was HORRIBLE and the communication from management is very unprofessional. My advice is to check the room and beds as soon as you arrive.

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Hi, my boyfriend and our kids stayed at hotel Rome on 8/12-8/14. We stayed on the second floor. We called to confirm about bed bugs at there hotel and they stated that they were found in the village section and that hotel Rome never had any. Prior to bringing up our bags we went to inspect the room. we took off the sheets looked at the mattress and even lifted them. we saw no eggs, or transparent bugs, blood stains, feces, or brown bugs. On the morning we were ready to check out I not

iced a huge bug running over the bed. When we smashed it about a quarter size of blood came out of this huge bug. . Then we noticed some more and we took them to the front desk. Maintenance came up and confirmed we had a bed bug infestation. We left everything behind. It was disgusting and a nightmare to discover these bugs. This hotel needs to be shut down. I can't believe that the Wisconsin health dept allows this. Not to mention the water park is not very clean either. I have now developed some kind of bites that could possible be mites from this place. Do not stay at this hotel. I am done with the dells! No more!

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My friend, her kids and mine stayed at Hotel Rome in Wisconsin Dells, WI over the summer (June, 2013). After the first night, my friend noticed a small bug on my bedsheet. Then ....another one. We put them in a plastic water bottle and took them to the front desk. They dispatched a hotel clerk to our room and confirmed that we, indeed, had a bedbug infestation. They reimbursed us for the day and gave us a different room, but we spent the whole day scratching and waiting around on them to get

us another room. Disgusting. Won't even go back to Wisconsin Dells anymore after that.

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Just returned from what was supposed to be a fun-filled spring vacation at Hotel Rome, the main hotel for the Mt.
Olympus Waterpark in Wisconsin Dells. Stayed two nights and was ok. On day 3 I requested a linen change, and took the kids to the watermark. When I returned, we showered and got into bed to get warm. 30 minutes later I was itching like crazy. I went over to the mirror and discovered about 15 bite marks on my arms and elbows! Thank God that my kids were on their bunks and my husband

was in the other bed sleeping. Otherwise everyone would have been eaten alive. Went to front desk at 2 a.m. And talked to management. They sent three guys upstairs with some bedbug spray. I was up all night at guest laundry washing and drying all of our belongings! What was my compensation...they refunded one night stay and "gave me my money back for checking out a day earlier". I
I should report this to the news reporters!

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The girl who worked behind the deli/bakery counter was totally rude! I got back to my room to discover I did not have spoons for my kids cereal. I went back downstairs and asked for one and she rudely told me she put one in the bag, instead of just saying oh I'm sorry here is another one.
I thought the price we paid was awful for what we got in the waterpark. I thought by the outside the inside would have been comparable but 4 waterslides, seriously. Never staying there again!

We checked into the Mykonos building 10 8/26/12. The night was horrible with unsupervised kids running and yelling up and down the hallways. Our neighbors decided to have a party with the music so loud our walls shook. We called and reported that and around 9pm it ceased. We went to sleep and when I woke up in the morning I found a bedbug crawling on my bed. I had slept there all night I was mortified. I was shaking when I called the front desk to report the bug. They sent a guy to come look at

it and he claimed he found nothing else so where did it come from? The gave us another room in Hotel Rome but I spend the weekend itching just of the thought. I took several baths trying to make sure nothing was on me. We washed all our clothes when we got home to make sure nothing wa there either. I am very disgusted with the whole situation and their lack of concern. I pray we did not bring anything home as we financially can not afford to fully fumigate the house.

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I spent 12/30/11-1/1/12 at Mykonos resort, on the first floor in WI Dells. The first morning there I awoke with 20 bites on my fingers and arms. I did not realize that these bites were bed bug bites, especially since I checked the mattress and sheets for any signs when we first arrived. Upon doing research I now know that these bites are in fact from bed bugs. All I can say is please do your research before before traveling, I wish I would have.

Room 204 Mykonos Resort. I read the reports and checked the corners of the bed, behind the bed and the couch before we moved our luggage in. We still had them even though I checked.Woke up at 1:30 in the morning to go to the bathroom, pulled the covers over my son and saw something out of the corner of my eye. It was a bed bug. Captured it and called the front desk, they sent a staff member and confrimed it was a bed bug. They moved us to a different room. Both rooms are not very clean, las

t time we stay here.

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MyKonos resort....ok so I know they are not the real "bed bugs" but when we pulled the fitted sheet back to inspect the bed we found smashed lady bugs everywhere and pieces of lady bug shells. The dirt and grime was absoluelty disgusting, not worth the price nothing like the pics on the internet.

We just came home after staying 2 nights (8/23-8/25)at Hotel Rome and saw no sign of any sort of bugs in our hotel room. We did however inspect both of our queen beds and the bunk beds that the kids slept on before bringing any of our belongings in to the room. The only thing we found was a candy wrapper when checking behind the bed. Other than that, the room was very clean and we had NO issues! The water and theme park is also included with what you pay for the room so that was pretty awesome!

Checked in 8/21 and woke up 8/22 feeling like something was crawling on me. Pulled the white top cover up and found a bed bug. Took it to the front desk. Maintenance came up to inspect and found more bugs. They gave us plenty of garbage bags to get our items home. Straight to the laundromat and what we cannot wash is in bags in the sun to heat them out. Hoping we too did not bring them home! Still feel like my skin is crawling.

My husband and I stayed here with our two young children August 18,2011. I pulled back the covers of my bed and found that the sheets were filthy. There was a very distinct, dirty handprint on the flat sheet and the sheets were all wrinkly like they had been slept on. YUCK! I pulled back the covers on the other bed and found a the same used looking sheets, with pieces of hair on the sheets. I thought it was just terrible housekeeeping and was going to call for fresh linen. Since I heard abo

ut bed bugs last summer, I started checking the beds a bit closer. I stripped off the sheets and found a dead bed bug. I took it down to the front desk and the supervisor of housekeeping confirmed that it was indeed a bed bug and walked with me to my room to inspect it. I was almost in tears. On the walk the supervisor told me how they handle bed bugs, which didn't help how I was feeling. Since this must happen a lot here. I showed him the sheet that lead to my inspection of the matresses. He inspected the bed that we found the bug on and told us we could take our things down to the lobby and they would get us a new room. No way! We asked for a refund and found someplace else to stay. I brought everything into our house in garbage bags and it all went right into the washing machine on hot. Really hope they didn't hitch a ride home with us. Still have the heebie-jeebies!

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