Hilton Milwaukee City Center
509 W Wisconsin Ave
Milwaukee, WI

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Dec. 11th, 2015 went to plug my phone in to lamp on nightstand. I saw a little bug crawling, I picked it up with the little note pad on desk, I went as far as holding it close wondering if it was a roach, killed it thinking yea baby roach. Bedbugs never crossed my mind, since I've never really met anyone who has encountered them, I was clueless.
Next day I woke up with 3 itchy bumps on back, 4 in a row on back of shoulder, a cluster of 3 front shoulder blade. 2days later more popped up on my

hand, wrist, fingers, foot, legs neck and face all clusters of 3. Horrible big itchy red bumps.
I was only there one night, today is Dec. 18th and they are redder, swollen, and my skin feels like I'm on fire.

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I suspect the Hilton is the culprit for the bedbug bites I'm carrying now. No sign that I brought any back with me but who knows?

Thursday, 28 November through Saturday night, 30 November.

Brought bedbugs home from my trip to Milwaukee. $1800 to clean up. Who do I contact for reimbursement?

My daughter had her Wedding at the Hilton weekend of May 29th 2011. She now has bed bugs at her condo in Washington D.C. Also, went to the doctor and very expensive to treat home.

April 11-12, 2011
Room 1067
Dozens of bed bug bits on neck and inside of left arm. Notified front desk.

October 1-2, 2010 --- Room 1603. Over 50 bites on face, neck, arms and hands. Had to seek medical attention for relief.

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