Red Lion River Inn - Spokane
700 N Division St
Spokane, WA 99202-1613

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Wing 4, room 266.
We live in a high-end single family house and had never encountered bedbugs before. A week later after we stayed at the Red Lion River Inn in Spokane for three nights from Jan, 7- to Jan10, 2016, all of my family developed red rashes. Then we found out those were bedbug bites and we also found out "It can even take up to ten days for some people to show bite marks."

Although we already threw away luggage and some clothes used in the trip, we still worry that we might have

brought bedbugs home due to our late reaction to bedbug bites. This is the lesson we learned from the trip: Carefully check the room when you have to stay at the hotel!!!

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12-07-2013 Room 142. felt mild crawling on butt and back of legs while watching tv in the evening. Got up to find 30 or so bites which 48 hours later were the full bed bug whelps that you see in pictures. Reported to hotel 48 hours later after my Dr. stated that they were consistent with bed bug bites. Was promised a follow up from management but as of now, 7 days later, it has not occurred.

We would like to respectfully dispute the following report for Bed Bugs:

Please find the attached report from Senske stating there are no bed bugs in the room where they were reported on your website. Here are the comments from Senske:

Inspected & sprayed room 5038 for bed bug activity: mattress, box spring, frame, head board, nite stand, molding – no visible sign found @ this time. Treat as a deterrent

mattress bottom box spring & base board.

Also, your report speaks about two different hotels. The name and address in the header is different from the hotel being reported in the body of the complaint. The two hotels are often confused because they are so close in proximity.

The hotel being reported is Red Lion Hotel at the Park, 303 W. North River Drive. You show River Inn:

Red Lion River Inn - Spokane
700 N Division St
Spokane, WA 99202-1613

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This is for the Red Lion Hotel at the Park (303 West North River Drive, Spokane, WA)--the sister hotel to the Red Lion River Inn. We found one bed bug in the flesh in our bathroom, and my sister, who slept on the floor, has bites covering her back.

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