Quality Inn & Suites Seattle
618 John St
Seattle, WA 98109

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My Sister, grand kids and I stayed at this hotel in room 317 on two nights, June 19 and 20. The morning we left, my sister saw a bedbug in my bed under the pillow. She was able to catch it with a tissue and put it in a plastic bag. When I showed the bug-in-bag to the management they were cagy about what they could do. I asked if they could help us insure our luggage was bug free but they didn't respond. Apparently, the staff on duty were not able to make any decisions and the management was not

available to respond. We had to leave and they said they would email me later. We never did hear from them. When I called them a week later, they finally said they would refund our bill. I had a total of about a half dozen bites when we left the hotel. Unfortunately, I have had a very bad reaction to a bite several days later from bugs that obviously got into my suitcase. The welt is about a four inch square, fire-red patch with a raised center. One week later it is still bright red and itchy.
Through all this I am trying to deal with avoiding an infestation in my home, throwing clothing and suitcases away and washing what is left. Total nightmare.

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I stayed in room 400 of this hotel for 2 nights on Tuesday February 10th and Wednesday February 11th 2015.

I woke up the first morning with a row of bites on my left forearm. They became very red, swollen, itchy and painful as the day progressed.

I went to see my doctor on Friday after I returned home and the bites were identified to be bed bug bites. I got another bite on my right arm on Saturday and another bite on the top of my leg on Wednesday. I haven't seen any insects yet.


reported the bites to the management of the hotel and was told that a Pest Company did an inspection of the room and it came back clean. The management person suggested that I may have received them enroute to Seattle from Vancouver Island on our privately owned bus the day before. I did not stay at any other hotel.
The management offered me a refund of one night stay.
I have been taking measures in my home in case I brought bed bugs back from this hotel in my luggage. I am afraid.

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