Econo Lodge Seatac Airport North Seattle
13910 Tukwila International Blvd
Seattle, WA 98168-3150

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Stayed here last week and found a couple of live bed bugs. Staff handled it poorly - acted like it wasn't a big deal. They seem to think of bed bugs like they're just ants

10/28/2013 - Full grown adult bed bug found crawling on wall. I have witnessed multiple severe infestations in the past, so am very familiar with what bed bugs look like at different developmental stages. My room was not infested, but this was likely a stray from an infestation somewhere else in the hotel.

After talking with staff, and presenting the live bed bug in a baggie, I learned that bed bugs are such a problem at this location that staff are trained on how to use heat treatment to a

ttack rooms where bed bugs are reported. They claimed an exterminator came once a week to treat 10 rooms of his choice to keep infestations from concentrating in one area.

I would consider this hotel a very high risk hotel based on my experience and personal background in dealing with bed bug infestations. They offered no financial compensation for my dry cleaning, and even charged me for longer than I stayed (I left early to stay at a different hotel, but they billed me for my full stay). Not only do they have bed bugs, but their support has handled my complaint on the matter horribly. A week has passed and I still cannot get a general manager on the phone. Please stay at a different hotel - enjoy Seattle.

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