Curben Apartments
1726 Summit Ave
Seattle, WA 98122-2132

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This place is horrible...i can't wait to get the fuck out of here. We got new furniture and were supposed to get new beds. I got a bed that was worse than the original. I slept on it heavily covered w three sheets and two comforters...still the bugs were everywhere. I put the shitty mattress in the hallway and got chewed out by the management. He said i had to store it in my room...fuck that..i threw the shit outside and treated my whole room. Got myself a inflatable bed
Then they tell me it's

my responsibility to haul the fucker out cux maitenance man didn't want to. The management and security guy don't give a fuck about anyone. So as i am able...I'm gone. Fuck this place..

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Not only do they have bedbugs ,they also have roaches and rats. Illegal by the WA state code.
The mngmnt. does nothing to get rid of the infestation. I tried but failed. Do not stay here.

This place is BED BUG CENTRAL,, cockroachs out number the stars in the sky.. The so called managers pretty much egnore the washington code on bed bugs in the rented hotel rooms. When our bed bug problem was broght to managers attention we were given a can of B/B spray and told to deal with it ourselfs (against state code). We were then told if we wanted a bug free mattress my partner and i had to drag the badly infested mattress away ourself and drop it on someone elses property ( again agaist t

he law),not only that but my partner has two prosthetic leg making really hard to do so plus it was raining like crazy... we were given a old box spring and had to keep the sprayed mattress. How ever they came back again ,, The B/B's are infested in the Curben,, Whenwe

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For two weeks from the end of April through the first of May, I resided at this weekly-paid flop house. I stayed in a smelly room on the 2nd floor, rm.203. I had heard of the bedbug epidemic in Seattle and was horrified when one night I encountered a small, brownish, flattish insect on my bedspread. I killed it. Blood smeared on the bedspread. I got out as fast as I could. Also, this is a terrible location to stay for many other reasons. Please avoid this place if you can.

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