Arctic Hotel Seattle
700 3rd Ave
Seattle, WA 98104-1803

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email response sent to this guest on 4/28/10

From: Jeff Gouge
Sent: Wednesday, April 28, 2010 11:08 AM

Subject: Your recent stay at the Arctic Club Hotel

Let me begin by first apologizing for the issues you experienced recently during your stay with us. We take issues such as this very seriously and have involved professionals in the matter to ensure it was handled effectively, appropriately and was contained to the room you were in. We take great pride in the cleanliness of our g

uest rooms and hotel and are rated in top 10 of all hotels in our brand for overall room and hotel cleanliness by our guests. As this issue has gained so much attention over the years, we do continually take pro-active steps to help avoid instances showing up. Fortunately according to our pest control company, because you notified us immediately, we were able to address the issue at a very early stage and eliminate the issue completely.

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Today, April 27th, I got a positive identification from the Multnomah Vector and Nuisance Control in Portland Oregon that the bugs we found in our Room #711(see prior report)are indeed bedbugs!

We stayed at the hotel from Friday evening, April 16th to Monday morning, April 19, 2010. On Sunday morning I noticed a bug on the white comforter and put it on a tissue. I called the front desk and asked to have someone come up to our room (Room 711). The manager of housekeeping on duty, came and offered to move us to another room (Room 811). Upon inspecting the bed more, the mattress had unknown hair on it and was soiled in various places. There were also some black spots on the sheets and

the mattress. She apologized and I requested that the room we were being sent to have an entire check and replacement of bedding. We checked that bed out as thoroughly as we could and stayed the last night in that room. I brought the bug home, placed it in a plastic bag and plan on sending it or taking it to the Multnomah County Vector Division in Portland, OR. I had just read an article on the increase of bedbugs worldwide and had seen a picture of them, so I'm quite sure that is what I have in the plastic bag.

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