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In July 2014 we were moving from NY to NC and stopped for a room which we call ahead for on July 31st.They weren't ready with the room and finally gave us a room #251. After going to supper and returning to our room where my wife checked the beds and had seen nothing.There were two beds in the room. Early the next morning AUG 1ST my wife wakes up yelling to get out of the other bed. YELLING because there were bedbugs in her bed.THE BED WAS FULL! We called the hotel front desk and the young fello

w on night duty came to our room. He seen the bugs in the bed. When my wife put on the light they all ran to the front of the bed.The night manager wanted to give us another room and we refused.We got out of there ASAP. My wife was taken to the local hospital in NC for shots & Medical treatment for bug bites all over her body. It took weeks for my wife to be able to get a full nights sleep with out waking up in the middle of the night from night mares over all that she went through My wife called the VA health dept in VA to report the issue. Don't know if the health dept closed the hotel until treatments were done on the rooms. Our opinion don't risk getting bedbug bites.

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I have never had an encounter with bedbugs until I came to this hotel. I stayed in room 224. I stayed on 9/13/14. I didn't see any bedbugs before I went to sleep, (I looked everywhere), but in the morning, I found some tiny little baby bedbugs on the side of the mattress. As I was leaving, I told the cleaning staff and the front desk, they said they would take care of it.
I wish hotels would change their furniture and only use materials that don't attract bedbugs, ie, steel metal frames, less

upholstery that they can cling to.

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Checked into the hotel and did my regular check. As soon as i pulled the cover back i found a infestation of bed bugs. I notified staff, they killed the bed bugs with their fingers and told me my room was ok to sleep in. After 2 hours of screaming and refusing to leave without a refund i got my money back and stayed at the Hampton Inn. 100% better and clean. AVOID TRAVEL LODGE!

Room 233. August 16-17 2013. In the room now. Just squashed a bed bug. It's 2am, I have to get up at 6 but I cant sleep now.

Looking around the room, I can see that they have powder spread on the floor around the walls, so they are obviously aware of this problem.

Let's see what happens when I confront them.

I stayed in Travelodge from Friday 03.01.13 until 03.03.13 for a business meeting and job interview. I stayed in room 249 which I see is already reported above. I checked the mattress and mattress pad as I always do but did not see any warning signs. I came home Sunday evening and started noticing the bug bites Tuesday. As this place is infested with bed bugs, they must have come home with me on my suitcases and jackets. I am now in the process of washing everything and had to call a pest contro

l service to get rid of the bugs. I wonder if there is anything I can do about this? If anyone has any suggestions, let me know. DO NOT stay at this hotel if you do not want to bring bed bugs home.

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My boyfriend and I stayed in room 249 the night of August 24. I was sleeping, but at about 2am my BF woke me up so we could move to a new room because the AC in ours wasn't working, and he hadn't been able stay in the bed and sleep. The next day I saw the bites, but my boyfriend didn't have any on him, which makes me think that 249 had the bugs since he didn't stay in that bed. Unfortunately I didn't notice the bites until we were gone, so I wasn't able to confront the front desk.

Sept 6,2012
I told the gentleman at the desk that I had checked my phone at dinner and I saw the Motel had reports of bed bugs. He assured me that had been resolved. I told him If I find any I WOULD let him know AND report it. We were moved to another room because our air conditioning didn't work. I ALWAYS check the beds, underneath sheets and mattress pads, in the seams etc. We were in room 212 (which I saw was mentioned above)The head of the bed had so much bed bug droppings it looked like mo

ld. We saw bugs started moving so my husband also caught one in a cup and took it to the desk. The young man behind the desk was cordial and moved us to yet ANOTHER room. It was late and we just needed rest. Again I checked the beds and there were no signs of bugs.
The other conditions in the room however are another story. We WILL NOT be returning to this Travelodge!!!!!
Jillaine Comardo
[email protected]

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06/22/12-06/23/12- traveling from Florida to New York with my husband and two 5 year old children, we were exhausted and reluctantly rented a room here for the night. There was a convention in town and all of the nicer places were booked up. At 2 am I awoke and saw a bug right in front of my face. Got up and swatted 2 more off the bed. Saw another crawling near my daughter. I awoke my husband, he started looking and we quickly saw 2 more. We got the heck out of that disgusting place as soon as w

e could. I just hope we don't have any stow away's. That's the worst part for me. Ick!!! What an awful experience! Trust me- you're better off sleeping in your car than setting foot in that place!!! Room 214 was our little bug sanctuary.

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I stayed two nights in room 227. When I was going to sleep the 2nd night I noticed two large bumps forming on my arm and hip. I chose to ignore them as they could've been from something else but woke up the next morning with numerous additional bumps.

I went to the front desk later that day and showed the front desk the bumps and they said they already had someone in the room and would check it in the morning, although I doubt they really will. I can't believe they would leave someone else i

n that room.


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I stayed in room 212 on 2/2/2012. I woke up about 2am because I was itching. I turned on the light next to the bed and saw about 4 bedbugs on the bed trying to crawl away. I quickly scooped them up in a plastic cup and put them in fridge. I have had this type of experience more times than I care to count. After getting cleaned up and dressed I took them down to the front desk. The guy working it couldn't do anything and asked if I wanted to go to another room. I said no because that room probabl

y has them too. I had to wait until the manager came in at 7:00 and I told him very sternly there's no way I am paying for that room. He didn't charge me. It really is a "luck of the draw" as you can get them in a really nice place and be ok in place you'd swear would have them. I've also noticed that the bites scar over as I have some marks from being bit several years ago.

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Stayed 1 night and found 2 live bedbugs in the bathroom the next morning...ended up with over 100 bites. Manager didn't care at all and continues to state they do not have bedbugs.

Stayed at the Winchester Travelodge on 11/11/11 for a wedding. Woke up covered in bed bugs! The night manager moved us to a new room that same night. He said he never had this problem before and that the last guest must have infected the room. I told him there were too many bugs for it to be just recent. (We took pictures!)
They also charged my card and I am working with them for a refund. We'll see.
It is 5 days later and I am itchy from bites. My cousin contacted me to tell me his wife is a

lso suffering from bites from their room.
The manager insists that they do not have bed bugs! I think they know better.

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My husband stayed twice in the month of Oct 2011. Each time he got the bed bug bits. First time they offered my husband to change to a different room. Second time we want the refund. When I called Priceline for cancelling the rest stays. The front deck personal in the hotel denied the bed bug problem the room. Now. I am disputing the charges from my credit card company. I will see what other action that I need to do. Should I find a lawyer. We will never return there.

I stayed there on 9/5/11 and to my horror I was engulfed in bites. I asked the manager if he had any issues with this before and he said no. After 3 days of hell I figured it out. BEDBUGS!!!
These people think it is a joke and just offer excuses of invisible bugs in the trees around here. If you care about your self and your family stay away from this place.

I stayed in Room 227 on 5/4/2011. When I woke up in the morning, I saw a bug crawling away from me. It turned out to be a bed bug, which I squished after it crawled between the mattress and bed base. I brought it down to the desk and asked for the manager, and told him the room had bed bugs, and his reply was: "Will you be staying another night?" He seemed unconcerned and did not seem to grasp the seriousness of the situation. Eventually I got him to take care of washing my clothes. He supposedl

y credited the room, which is what showed on my receipt. However, they charged me for the room anyway - the funds were taken from my account a day or two later. I tried calling and asked for the manager, but they told me to try back another time. When I tried back at that time, they said he wasn't there but they would call me the next day. They didn't call. This is an outrage. I am still covered in bites, and don't know if any bed bugs came home on my suitcase or shoes. It has disrupted my life, and I had to see a doctor to get prescription cream to put on the bites. As if that wasn't bad enough, they had the nerve to falsely charge me for the room, when the receipt they gave me upon checkout showed it being credited! Now they are giving me the run-around and avoiding addressing the problem. I sent a message to the national company, threatening to get a lawyer if they don't do the right thing. We'll see if that works. It shouldn't require threatening legal action. I wish I had known about this site before staying there. It was only after finding a bed bug that I got a clue and started researching things. Live and learn....

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February 10, 2009 we spent one night at this hotel. In the morning I had 8 bedbug bites on my face and a few on my arms, hand and leg.
It was reported to the Manager who after much denial offerred a nights stay at half price.
We will never return there.

husband stayed twice at this hotel. first time was several months ago rm 120 Aug 2009 upon arrival in the room was bitten after sitting on sofa, thinking nothing of it coz he was in the woods earlier that day n thought he got bite by skeeters. after he got up in the morning he had huge welts all over his body bigger then a silver dollar, they were all in a row/ line , very itchey!! thought maybe chigger bites from being in the woods. when he came home i looked up on the internet pictures of his

bites, thats when we found out they were bed bugs.he thought he got them from previous hotel the night before.
went back to the Travelodge in winchester va last night Nov 17 2009.stayed in room across the previous room which was room 121. woke up the same thing huge bites all over him. contacted manager and they said nobody else ever reported anything!!! when he called me i got on internet again and found thru msnbc reports a web site to check out hotels that have bedbugs and there they were people have been complaing about that hotel and there bed bugs since aug 08. they kno they have a bad problem and wont do anything about it. people have reported them to the board of health, and still nothing done.what else about that web site u can put in the city and state along with the word bed bugs and every hotel with bugs comes before he leaves to travel we now will check out every hotel. also found that the Days Inn Winchester VA 2951 Valley ave has BEDBUGS !Iam terrified that he has brought them home. i purchased JT EATON kills bedbugs II. Sprayed luggage, vehicle,and to be safe shoes, boots, my furniture and bed you name it i sprayed it.

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We stayed overnight in rm 204 on Nov 29, 2008. Kids came home with bites on ankles and wrists. Very disappointing. Was happy to pay the $50/night at first, but now I wish we stayed at a nicer place.

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