The Wyndham George Washington Hotel
100 N Braddock St
Winchester, VA 22601

Found 2 reports:

I too was just at this hotel (second week of September 2012) on the 4th floor and had a bed bug encounter. I told the hotel and allegedly they contacted exterminators and found no bed bugs in the room I was in...Impossible since I walked away with 10+ bites. Sounds like this is a new problem and they seem to be in denial about it.

5th floor right by elevator...

Woke up at 1:00am, saw blood on pillow, found engorged bedbug under pillow. Checked underneath boxspring, saw several adult bedbugs run and hide. Saw adult, juvenile, and nymph bedbugs roaming on beds and carpet over the next couple hours which were spent shaking out clothing in the bathroom trying to avoid taking bedbugs home (I had unfortunately unloaded my luggage on the unused bed). Checked out around 4:00am and was told I wouldn't be charged and that the

room would be exterminated. Despite my efforts to shake out my belongings, I saw a nymph on one of my bags on the way out of the hotel.

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