Residence Inn Williamsburg
1648 Richmond Rd
Williamsburg, VA 23185

Found 2 reports:

First 2 nights were fine at this location however on the third day I woke up to visitors (bed bugs) in my bed along with my blood. Apparently I rolled over the larger one (full adult) and there were a few nymphs (which I squished to reveal more of my blood). I took a quick shower and promptly notified the front desk. They told me that this has never happened before (which was apparently a lie due to there being another post here....or they didn't know...). Anyways the front desk gave me money to

wash my laundry, sprayed down my luggage with spray and then comp'ed the room. I know it must be difficult to keep everything clean with all the traffic so its ok. It just sucks that it happened during my vacation.

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A few days after coming home from a two-day stay at this hotel, we began getting bed bug bites. We had this problem a couple of years ago (which took about 3 months to treat), so we knew right away what the problem was. So annoying. The room we stayed in was newly renovated, so we thought we'd be fine. It just shows one has to be really careful now whenever travelling. Treat all luggage as soon as you get home and don't bring them into the house. Our pest management service guy told me he

hears a lot of bed bug stories coming out of Williamsburg, VA. I wish we had checked this out in advance of going.

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