Motel 6 Williamsburg
3030 Richmond Rd
Williamsburg, VA

Found 5 reports:

I have been staying at the motel and every morning g I noticed that I had more bites than the previous day. Just this afternoon I lifted up my mattress and found live bugs as well as eggs. My infant also has bites all over her. The hotel refuses to do anything except refund my week that I have have paid in advance only. And they want me to leave the premises! I told them that they are responsible for my belongings, they said absolutely not, and said for me to leave.

I've been to this motel a few times and have seen a bug or two here and there. The rooms are very cheap so I didn't think anything of it until one day this past week I found a bug on my pillow when I woke up... I was disgusted and pretty freaked out. I didn't know what it was at the time so I just killed it, took a shower then checked out. It wasn't until later on that day I started feeling itchy. I looked at my hand and saw a couple bites that looked similar to flea bites but I knew they weren'

t, I was in a rush to do things that day so I didn't think too much about it so I just brushed it off until the next day it seemed that all of my bites were itchy at the same time and I had no idea what was going on until I went online and searched for hours for every possible answer and the only thing that made sense was that bug I saw that morning was a bed bug.

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Date of stay 10-20-12 to 10-21-12. covered in red, groups of three bites.

Should have taken the collected bugs with you and sued the next place, too.

Collected a handful(!) of fleas and bedbugs in 2 days, requested a refund - did not get one. However, after leaving all these bugs at the reception desk, administrator found us a room in another hotel.