Kings Creek Plantation
191 Cottage Cove Ln
Williamsburg, VA 23185-5811

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we were staying in a four bedroom town home put my son to sleep went to cover him with one of there sheets and found a bed bug crawling on him.Icaught it brought it the the maintnance man by the way it was ten o clock at night we had to move the whole family my sister and her husband it took us until one o clock in the morning they never offered to help us move all our things we had just got there that day at eleven am and unloaded. I have spent all night wiping and washing all the clothes and

luggage so I dont bring them home horrible place we had other problems with them leading up to the trip if people ask I will tell them to never use this resort very poor quality.

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There is no way Kings Creek has never had bed bugs, never. I've stayed there for years. Have you ever thought that maybe you brought some sort of bugs in from your travels, It happened to me once before. This sound like pure speculation, never seeing any, I truly doubt it was a real bed bug, could have been a flea or tic, lots of woods in Wburg you would know if it were a bed bug they would be in your bed crawling on you when the light went out and you would see them dead in the morning.

Stayed the week of 7/9/13 in the Townes, 106A on Sunflower and suffered several bites on my chest and arms. Thought they were mosquitos at first, but got much worse over the next few days, itching horribly. Classic bb pattern. Called to tell the front desk to inform them after check out and they seemed completely unable to address the issue, asking my name twice and putting me on hold. Won't be back.

First night, 6/9/13 at this 5 star resort my husband thought perhaps he was bitten by a mosquito but by the 2nd night we both had SEVERAL bite marks covering our arms and legs. Jumped out of bed at 4 am itching intensely. Very disturbing!

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