Holiday Inn Patriot Williamsburg
3032 Richmond Rd
Williamsburg, VA 23185

Found 4 reports:

In Aug 2011, We checked into a room on the 3rd floor. My family went to sleep and I stayed up to do e-mail. I went to get into bed and saw the beds covered in beg bugs. They moved us to a new room on the 1st floor, but gave us zero guidance about how to avoid bringing the beg bugs with us.

They treated our luggage and the clothes we weren't wearing. More bites appeared while we stayed at the hotel, but we thought they might be late in appearing. The hotel gave us zero advice on how to avo

id bring them home with us.

When we got home, we made sure not to bring any untreated item into the house. We washed all our clothes and sprayed pesticide on anything not washable. However, a few weeks later, a dog found we had them 2 in rooms. It's been an absolute horror. The hotel claims they aren't responsible for the Holiday inn bugs we brought home with us because they didn't find beg bugs in the 2nd room. They were completely oblivious to the huge infestation in our original room, so this is not surprising. Rather than teach their staff how to identify bed bugs, they seem to focus on teaching them to deny the problem.

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9/2/11 we checked into Holiday inn patriot williamsburg. We checked bedbug registry beforehand and saw that the two reports were invalid. We got room 442 and ripped the beds apart to check. Under the sheets we saw a small maroon bug. We looked up pictures on the internet that second and found out that it was a young bedbug. We went to the front desk and the manager was nice about it. He gave us room 118 and it seemed clean. We thoroughly checked and found no bedbugs. We left our luggage in the b

athroom and were super careful and I am pretty sure we didn't take them home. I'm still kind of itchy from the thought of bedbugs.

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I am sorry to say this report is obviously bogus. There is no Room 104 in the Holiday Inn Patriot in Williamsburg, VA. That space is the exercise room. I have stayed there 5 times in various rooms and have never had any trouble with any sort of vermin. I have many friends who have stayed there as well with no reports of any trouble with parasites. I understand the need for this sort of site but please check your facts before engaging in this sort of slander. Holiday Inn Patriot is a very

nice midrange hotel and a good place to stay.

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March 26, 2010 on a trip with my daughters cheerleading group found bed bugs in room 104. The head desk made us wait over 45 mins to switch rooms then offered to buy me and the other mother drinks in the bar to make up for it. The manager did not seem really worried about it to much. They were more worried about sending there workers in that room to clean it then the fact that we had already spent 4 hours in and out of that room with two 9 year olds. Never offered anything to us but the drinks!

Not a clean hotel to start with.

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