Holiday Inn Patriot-Williamsburg - Hotel
3032 Richmond Rd
Williamsburg, VA 23185-2001

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My family and I stayed with this hotel during Hurricane Irene because we thought it would be a clean and reputable hotel.....that was a HUGE mistake. They lied to us by saying that they would be prepared in case they lost power, so my grandmother fell in the dark and cut her chin open. Then, my friend came to me (who was in room 309) and said to come look at her bed. When I got there, I shined a flashlight on her bed, and saw no LESS than 6 bedbugs by her pillows. We reported the occurance (and

took a bug I caught in a tissue) to the front desk, and they did not apologize in the least......they only offered her another room!! Of course, we could not leave in the storm, so we had no other option but to stay. My 5-yr-old daughter and I sustained MULTIPLE bites during our stay. As time has gone by at home, I have come to realize that the bedbugs from that hotel have been carried back to my home. I am shocked and horrified at the lack of concern by the management at this hotel. DO NOT STAY THRE!!!!

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