Days Inn Hotel Busch Gardens Area
201 Water Country Pky
Williamsburg, VA 23185

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My family and I chacked in to this hotel on 8-22-11 the next morning when I woe up I saw a tiny bug that looked like a roach in the bed where me and my husband were sleeping. The bug was red so I had my doubts that it really was a roach. I showed it to my husband and he simply flicked it off. A couple of minutes later I saw another one. When I went downstairs to the front to tell the person behind the counter about my bug issue he suggested that we have the sheets changed and that he was going t

o send up an "expert" to check the beds out. Yesterday 8-24-11 when we woke up in our freshly made beds my cousin had a tremendous amount of bug bites all over his body. I hadnt notice mine yet. When I arrived back home, I just so happened to have a doctors appointment and showed her my bites, she confirmed that they were bed bug bites because all my bites were in a straight line (a bed bug characteristic). I also looked up bed bugs on the net and guess what I found in the images, the same little bug I saw in the bed I was sleeping!!!!

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