Sheraton Oceanfront Hotel
3501 Atlantic Ave
Virginia Beach, VA

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September 2014. We stayed at the Sheraton for one night and I ended up with bites on my ankle but my Fiancé did not. We have a dog and we're in a dog room so I assumed they were flee bites due to their location on my ankle. A few hours after I noticed the bites my Fiancé found a mature bed bug on his clothes from his suitcase. We took it down to the front desk in a container. They disputed it was a bed bug and said it looked like a tick- as if a tick was any better. I demanded a new room a

nd was given a new room with half price of my stay-to accommodate for the bug. The new room we took apart and made sure there wasn't any evidence of a bug. Other than a questionable bug exoskeleton we found no evidence. The very next day they had new people in our old room. We have bagged our belongings and washed our clothes in hot water/dryer. Hoping for the best.

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I stayed there last summer for a week (2 weeks before Labor Day Weekend). Well my family and I woke up three days after arriving and noticed bites on us. Assumed they were jellyfish stings and did not really pay attention. Then we noticed that we were getting more of them, especially the two of us that were in the bed. We filed a complaint and went to a doctor who confirmed bed bugs. The hotel took the mattress off the bed and had a man say there were no bugs. They gave us a different room.


id we end up infested? No, but we left all of our luggage and beach items in a rooftop carrier for MONTHS and then wrapped everything in plastic bags in put them in our garage for MONTHS following that.

I suspect that the hotel is not totally infested, but did have some bed bugs. I urge people to think twice before staying there.

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