Hilton Virginia Beach Oceanfront
3001 Atlantic Ave
Virginia Beach, VA

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4/12/15 - Room 1913 Oceanfront Empyrian Club - As usual, before checking in to a hotel, we left our belongings in the car. Although we had never found bedbugs any place we've stayed, I always check. We walked into the room, lifted the mattress and found black specks in the corner of the box spring. Then, while looking at the black specks, we saw a bedbug crawling on top of the box spring. We showed these things to the manager on duty. He offered a different room, and we went to check it out. I

lifted the mattress up, and saw something suspicious looking that was white/clear, but dead. I cannot be positive that the second room had bedbugs, but I am absolutely certain about the first. After asking many questions, the manager on duty reluctantly admitted that they had previous bedbug problems. I felt like he just wanted to get rid of us, and found us a room at the Hilton Garden Inn, located just up the street. He even made insulting comments about the price being $90 cheaper per night. Needless to say, we checked the room at the the Hilton Garden Inn thoroughly, but I was so stressed out and worried that I did not sleep during our two night stay.

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