Cavalier Hotels
4201 Atlantic Ave
Virginia Beach, VA 23451-2608

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Stayed at Cavalier (on the beach) July 2011. I have bed bugs at home so I am researching on where or how I could have brought them in to my house. I saw a report on this hotel. This is the first hotel I have stayed for over a year. I would not be surprised if this hotel is the reason I have to pay $2400 dollars to treat my home!!! They say the heat treatment is the only effective way to get rid of them. This hotel was filthy and was about $300 bucks for one night. I will NEVER go back to t

his hotel again.

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Checked in to a nice top floor room. I did my routine "bed bug check" mattress, headboards, under the sheets etc...and immediately found bed bug "scat". I moved the mattress and found a dead one. My wife called down and told them they had bed bugs and we're done here. We were met in the lobby by security and some guy "whos brother is an exterminator" to go see if I was making the whole thing up. We go back up to the room and I show him the "scat" and the dead bug and then he starts going all NYP

D detective on me. Asking, "what made you move the bed?", "where did the blood come from?", "how do you know what bed bugs are?"...a real piece of work. Anyway, we were refunded our stay and we declined another room. This place is very nice but obviously their customer service and house keeping are lacking greatly.

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My family and I stayed in The Cavalier hotel for 1 night in October. When I arrived home the next day, I unpacked my bag and found an adult bedbug in my toiletries bag. After putting it in a plastic bag and checking pictures online, I was able to determine that it was in fact a bed bug. I immediately put my jacket in the dryer, threw out the suitcase and toiletries bag and proceeded to wash everything that I took with my on the hot cycle. My mom called the hotel to let them know what I found

, and was questioned about the last time she stayed in a hotel. They basically insinuated that we brought them with us. I actually have not been in a hotel in years. I haven't stayed at a friends house and had the need to use the toiletries bag in months. I'm pretty sure a bedbug would not have survived alone in there for months. I'm disappointed, because we were just calling to alert them, but they immediately went on the defensive. Good luck to the next person who stays in one of their rooms!

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