Quality Suites Lake Wright Norfolk
6280 Northampton Blvd
Norfolk, VA 23502-5510

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We stayed for one night on 7-19-13. (Room 270) I sat on both the couch & the bed. I have bites from my neck to my feet (15 total). We did not go out at night at all so I know its not mosquitoes (plus these are flat bites not raised). I sent the company an email so hopefully they will address the issue.

It would be helpful be able an follow up with guest on such a report. A no name report is quite useless.
Most reports turn out to be something else but this does happen and exterminators are called in to inspect and treat.

I just stayed at the Quality Suites on Nov 4, 2012. While I was lying in bed I saw a bug crawling on my pillow. I looked at it closely and saw that it was a bed bug. I then pulled up the sheets and started inspecting the bed and found another one. I called the front desk and informed them that my room had bed bugs and they put me in another room. There was no apology or compensation. They didn't really seemed concerned. I couldn't sleep that night. Now, I fear my luggage and clothes mig

ht have been exposed. I left all my stuff in my garage. I'm going to get my car cleaned and vacuumed. As for my clothes, I am putting them in black bags and bringing them in and putting them directly in a hot wash.

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