Hampton Inn
3101 Coliseum Dr
Hampton, VA 23666-6258

Found 3 reports:

Woke to red, itchy, trailing rash from my wrist to armpit. Check in 2-28-14 check out 3-2-14. Issue occurred morning of check out. Incident not reported to motel staff. Returned home to inspect and sanitize my satchel and clothes. Rash continues to itch and not affected by Benadryl or prescription strength anti itch cream. No true evidence seen at hotel to suggest bedbugs other than the rash but this is an unusual thing to happen to me. Since I returned home, I washed all clothes and satc

hels used on trip. I have some DE and will continue steam cleaning and sprinkle that inside bed against mattress.i travel frequently and have never had this happen before. Quit frankly, the room was lovely and suited our needs brilliantly and I would return to this hotel for this same event willingly

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6/19/2013 Found a live bed bug as I inspected the room

Just was sitting in bed and a newly hatched bedbug ran across my leg.

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