Comfort Inn Coliseum & Convention Center
1916 Coliseum Dr
Hampton, VA 23666-4235

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June 6, 2011 Arrived at Comfort Inn on Coliseum Drive at 12:30 in the afternoon. After returning from the Hampton Ministers Conference I got into bed at 12:15am. At 1:30am I sat up to adjust the pillows and noticed a bug crawling on the bed. I jumped out of bed shaking out of my PJ's. I shook the pillow and a larger bug crawled out. I smashed these two bugs with my shoe. While scratching and itching I started packing. I found another small bug crawling on my bag on the desk. Moved my poc

ketbook from the dresser and another bug crawled off that. Checked out of the Comfort Inn at 3:15am. The manager apologized and did what she could. The next day still scratching and itching and with hives, received a call from another manager stating this has never happened before in this hotel on this Corporate floor. Where did these bed bugs come from is my question. I have written to the Corporate office.

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