Blue Heron Inn at the Beach Entrance
7020 Maddox Blvd
Chincoteague, VA 23336

Found 2 reports:

June 2011, Ground Floor - Woke up on first night of a three-night stay around 2:30am and found 10 small bedbugs crawling on pillows and a large bedbug on the headboard. Captured the larger bedbug and showed management. They comped the room, put us into a different room (spreading the bugs?) and we left later that morning after washing all of our clothing in hot water and placing our suitcases in black trash bags in the sun for several hours. Management said they were going to have professiona

ls come to treat the room. I don't know if this happened.

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Stayed there in late August 2010(Rm. 105 downstairs). During the night my husband felt something crawling on his arm and killed the bug - it was a bed bug (we confirmed this later by looking it up on the internet). He found several more when looking with his flashlight in the middle of the night. We told the front desk the next morning - don't know if they did anything.

This was our first experience with this.

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