Motel 6
21561 Clear Creek Rd
Bristol, VA 24202

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April 20, 2011
September 18, 2012

bed bugs sighted and reported to staff

We checked in on March 27, 2010. I don't remember the room number but we were on the second floor with the very last room facing a brick hill outside. At first glance the motel and room was clean. Bathroom was white and spotless. We later went to dinner and did some shopping. My boyfriend took his shower and returned to bed. I decided to take a hot bubblebath at which time i was looking around the floor enjoying myself when i see a dark bug on the floor. I immediately got up and hoped it was

n't what i thought it was. I've been bit before. To my worst fear, sure enough it was a bedbug. I called out to my boyfriend to come look what i found, and told him to check the mattress. He said he didnt find anything. He had no history with bedbugs, lucky him. I decided to check myself and low and behold i saw the black residue on the edge of the mattress. I told him i was not gonna be able to sleep and i sat there looking around inspecting everything. He grew so tired of watching me act like i was surrounded that he decided it wasn't worth it to stay. He went to the front desk and showed them the bug that i had wrapped in tissue and threw in the garbage can. They issued a refund and we packed and drove back home. I prayed that we didn't bring any of them home with us in our luggage that we had left on the floor in the motel. Luckily we are still bedbug free at home.

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