Comfort Inn Atkins
5558 Lee Hwy
Atkins, VA 24311-3004

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Thursday, April 19th - I first noticed I had some bites on Thursday, April 19th 2012. I realized this at approximately 2:40PM. I had been staying at the Comfort Inn in Atkins, VA. I checked in on Sunday, April 15th at approximately 8PM. I thought maybe I had mosquito or spider bites on the inside of my arm near my hand. I thought nothing of it until I awoke Friday morning, April 20th itching my neck and arms. I took a shower in the morning at 5:30AM and when I looked in the mirro

r I saw multiple bite marks on my hands, arms, torso, back, and legs. I hurried to work and a couple of coworkers named told me I had bites on the back of my neck and they looked like bedbug bites as they were familiar with what they looked like. At my break, 9AM. I went back to hotel, went to my room, pulled back the sheets and noticed little bugs on the sheets and the pillowcases. They also left little tiny blood marks on the sheets. I went to the front desk and told them my room has bedbugs. I went back to my room. Put what clothes I had out in my suitcase, threw it in the back of my pick-up truck, and rushed back to work.

By now, I was sure I had bedbugs in my room, Room 115, and bites all over my body. I began to panic. I felt disgusting and felt like the bedbugs had contaminated my luggage and clothing. I read on the Internet that bedbug could carry infectious disease. I was extremely anxious and nervous. I called the hotel, told them about the problem and they duly noted that they were sorry. I asked to speak to a manager, but they weren’t there. Now, I left for an early lunch around 11:15AM and went back to the Comfort Inn. I went straight to my room. I had forgotten that I left clothing the drawers and my toiletries at the hotel. When I opened the drawers, I immediately realized, I had little bugs on my clothing and in the corners of the drawers. I called in the cleaning lady and she confirmed that there were bedbugs in my room. The room was examined by the maintenance man, who pulled the sheets and blankets off the bed and put them in a pile. It looks as if he had sprayed the area around the mattresses. Both the maid and the maintenance man saw the bugs. I grabbed the rest of my clothing, my toiletries and put them in the back of my truck and called my boss and reported the incident. My boss, told me he would call the Comfort Inn and get them to wash my clothing. I brought the clothes back in and told them I would pick them up after work at 2:30PM. At this time, I went back to work and came back to the Comfort Inn at 2:30PM. They told me they were very sorry, they were finishing washing my clothes and they would try to help with the bill, but that the manager was still not in at this time. I waited 30 minutes for my clothes to dry and checked out. They hadn’t charged me yet because they were going to talk to my boss about the bill. Initially, they took care of only $200 of the bill. My boss called and complained and they reimbursed the entire amount.

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