Sheraton Hotels
1800 Jefferson Davis Hwy
Arlington, VA 22202

Found 6 reports:

Room 516, calling to complain about noise saw bug crawl across the floor. Left in the middle of the night from noise & bug.

On the last day of my stay, I saw a bed bug crawling down from the chair that i put into the bathroom. I had clothes put on that chair. After I get home, I immediately put all the clothes into laundry, and heat dry. And all the luggage were put outside. 5 days later there were red little itchy bumps showing up on my body. I thought I brought the bed bug home, but then I searched information online and learned that bedbug bites could start to show in about a week. The room I stayed was 506.

Arrived home today and noticed 13 bites on my arms, chest, back, and waist. My son got fewer bites. Will check with a doctor to see if those bites were from bed bugs. I was in room 920.

Does anyone know if there are recent recent incidents at this hotel?

I stayed in July, 2010 and I got Bed Bugs after that stay. I filed a report with the hotel, they said that they would look into it.

Had itching and thought I had an allergic reaction so I went to see a doctor at Ft Myers who informed me I had Bed Bug Bites. I have the red like welts mainly on my feet legs, arms, back, neck and on my head. I reported this to manager and they had me move out of the room and said they were going to get a exterminator to come in bto clean up the room. I was disappointed in their help or attempt to assist me. It is fairly embarrassing when your friends find out...I believe I had some form of

these bed bug bites for 3 -4 days and it just got so bad I could not stand it. Room 721.

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