Value Place
57 N 900 W
American Fork, UT

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Jan 2013
TODAY IS JAN 30th, 2013
I have been here for a while and had
developed some itchy red bumps.
I thought perhaps it was a reaction to some
new lotion I had bought. It just never occurred
to me that there could be bed bugs! Then I
started noticing little brown specks on
the bed. When I tried to brush off the sheet
I discovered one of the bigger "specks"
started to move and crawl away. When I
smacked it, it squished and left a red
blood spot on the sheet. The disgusting

truth hit me: THESE ARE BED BUGS!
I then started inspecting the bed and actually
I placed them in a plastic container
so I could more closely examine them
to better see what they
looked like. After looking, I sealed the
plastic container with the plastic lid.
Then I looked online and saw actual
pictures of bed bugs. I felt sick to my
stomach as there was no way to refute
the truth even though I would prefer
that it not be true. Being that I was staying
@ Value Place temporarily while work
was being done on my home,
NOW I am stymied as to how
I can return home with my personal
possessions that I currently have with me
@ Value Inn! How do I clean my
possessions, my luggage, my
children's toys so that when I take
them home I DON'T INFECT MY HOME?!?
Can I ever take my things home!?! Do I have
To throw away everything?

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Bed bugs in my room and other rooms. 11/1/2012.

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