Doubletree Hotels Suites Resorts
400 Dallas St
Houston, TX 77002-4703

Found 2 reports:

oct 31, 2012. room 1915. i was woken up by really itchy back size and legs. i thought i just had dry skin so i applied lotion. i was also thinking about bed bugs so i slept on top of the bed. when i woke up the bites are now big welts. 4 at my left inside ankle, 3 along the back of left leg, 1 about the 2" welt on my bumm, and one on left side of chin.

I stayed at this hotel on 19-20Oct11. Room 716. I am very careful about bedbugs therefore I inspected the room at my arrival and I did not find anything. However, After the second day I started developing bytes in my arms. I notified the hotel management which sent somebody to check the room but nothing was found. I just wanted to report it althought I do not have proof the bites were from bedbugs.

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