Best Western Greenway Inn and Suites
2929 Southwest Fwy
Houston, TX 77098

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Rented a suite for a month to prepare for an exam. After the first night my whole body is covered with wheals ranging from 1/2cm to 2cm diameter with intense itching. I immediately demanded a refund and wanted to vacate. But the hotel employee threatened that i had to accept charges for 2 days at their highest price inorder to consider refund. Otherwise they will not give any money back since in my initial contract there was a clause somewhere that there are no refunds. It was one hell of an exp

erience. Until now i thought that US is immune to bedbugs but after this experience i will check where i rent. I am surprised that there is no health initiative to prevent consumers from getting ripped by this scrupulous motel owners without providing the right service and moreover exposing us to diseases at the expense of our money

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This hotel is "infested" with roaches and bed bugs. I booked a room on a monthly basis with an intention to stay for 2 months so I could attend classes closer to this place. The room which was given initially had bed bugs and I reported at the front desk and they changed me to a different room only to find out later that this room has even more bed bugs than the 1st room given to me... I have been badly bitten with rash on my both upper arms, elbows and shoulders. The whole maintenance i really

bad. No one works on weekends and if the toilets etc gt blocked, there is none to fix it and roaches kept coming out of them. I dont think they even have a proper sewage drainage because both the room toilets I was in were very sluggish despite not putting too much toilet tissue or anything to block it. Even the shower head leaks water all over and no body bothers to fix these. Over all they have VERY POOR maintenance issues. Also, once they charge customers the monthly rate, even if u chose to leave after 2-3days due to bed bugs problems, they are not refunding the money back and are saying that it is non refundable.

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