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Found bugs when I left today 5/1/14/. I told there girl at the front desk. She said sorry and removed $40.00 per night from my bill and gave my 5000 points to my honor program. And she was going to have the room fumigated. Not sure if would stay there again. There a nice Embassy Suites across the road.

To, the person who wrote a report below this one, never mind trying to get this taken care of , I brought bed bugs home in my luggage I was bitten a few times staying at this hotel but thought is was something else till i took my luggage home and two nights later my girlfriend was bitten and she has a sever reaction! we called an exterminator and the dogs came out and there were bugs in the luggage as well as the bed/headboard we contacted the hotel and got a run around then tried to file a

claim with there insurance for the luggage mattress box spring, dr bill for my girlfriend and for her prescription for steroid for the severe reaction she had to the bit

They insisted they do not have bed bugs and there was no proof! They also sent be an exterminators report that here was no bed bugs which insulted my intelligence because it was done during the day and they do not come out during the day unless there is an infestation I would never stay at this hotel ever again I was on a medical sales meeting and well see to it that it will not be heeled there next yr,

I am so glad I saw this report you posted I paid 500 for the dog to come out who detects bedbugs I had purchase a new mattress and luggage and thank god before I had the 2000 treatment done I through those items out because the dogs came out again and I didn't have to have the treatment done!

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I stayed there on March 3, 2014 in room 518 and I woke up and noticed that there was a bite on my neck and it was very itchy. I checked out on March 4, 2014 and had several bite marks on my neck which are tell tale signs of bed bugs. I was scratching my neck all the way home today. I called the hotel to complain and they switchboard operator transferred me to someone named Kim Richardson, my call was not answered. I asked for a call back but have not received one as yet. I've been traveling

for 6 years and stayed at a lot of hotels and never had an issue until yesterday / today.

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I was on a business trip in January 2014 at a medical sales meeting, this is the hotel the meeting was held as well as were I stayed? After a night stay I woke up- and was very itchy on my back the next day I came home and was telling my girlfriend about it see looked and say all little red marks, I put my luggage in out bedroom and opened it and took my cloths out, a few days later my girlfriend woke up with bits all over her and a terrible rash we looked on the mattress and found a dead bug

and a shell we called an exterminated and he said that it was bed bugs, my girlfriend before this went to the dr because the race was so bad she had an allergic reaction to it she was put on steriods and had to stop her other medicine that she was taking due to possible reaction needless to say that me since help my girlfriend walk as she has severe muscle and joing stiffness in her legs. Well getting back to the exterminator he told us how much the treatment would cost and it was over 2000 and that the dogs that come out first was 300 and the prep for the treatment is almost like moving out of the house everything has to come down so the dog came out and the dog found them IN the luggage and the bed we called the hotel and loss prevention told us they do not have bed bugs because they are 5 syptar then he lied and said he had an exterminator come out and there were no bedbugs but he couldn't fax us the bill cause the hilton the 5 star hotels system was down for 3 days my girl friend spoke with the GM assistant Hannah and showered her of other bed bugs problems in this otel and sent her pictures of 5)3 bits and rash! and picture of our very clean home 3 herd nothing back from them called cooperate -! They can't do anything because the mg said that the room was checked well first off you can not see bed bugs during the day they hide and they only way you can see them during the day is if the room is Iinfessted with them ........what a joke!!!!!! Well needless to say it cost 500 for the dogs because we had the dog come out again before the treatment and thank god after the first dog left the house we through the mattress and the luggage out so when the dog came back there were no bedbugs thank god so we don't have to take everything down wash things and on and on for the treatment but we are out the 500 for the dog and the mattress we had was very high end so we through that out the dr bill and beds! We are sleeping in a spar room downstairs waiting on our new mattress!

I would never stay in this hotel every again and as you can see they have bed bugs!!!!!!!!!

Some 5 star!!!!!!!!

Don't stay at the hilton lake dfw unless you want to go through what we I'd!!!!!!!!

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Upon inspection of the first room I was assigned I found a bed bug on the mattress at the headboard. When I notified hotel staff they were very helpful and assigned me to another room. I found no bed bugs upon inspection of that room.

I stayed from the 9-15 of march of 2013 and I woke up first night and noticed the bites.

I stayed from the 9-15 of march and I woke up first night and noticed the bites.

Nov 13, 14, 15 Stayed 3 nights noticed them in extra bed bed first. Took picture, then turn down the bed I slept in and there were 2 more. All Live. Took pictures and the killed them all in the bed. They are fore sure bed bugs. Compared to pictures on Internet.
Told front desk and called to complain. They called me back to apologize and say that the room is being treated.

I was at the Hilton DFW Lakes on Oct 13-15. On the 13th, I was exhausted so I went to sleep really early (at 10)and woke up an hour later because my room was too hot. I turned on the lights and there they were ON MY PILLOW, right where my head was. There were about 5 of them, and one was pretty big, about 1/4 of an inch. Totally disgusting. I called downstairs and they sent security up to check..they changed my room but of course I couldnt sleep anymore. Unfortunately I was there until the

15th for a training, so I was stuck. I asked the manager a few times what they had done, and she kept saying that they were investigating if the bugs were actually bedbugs. I had googled and showed the security what bedbugs looked like and they were identical to what was on my pillow. I'm not sure if they have yet exterminated...atleast they had not done it while I was there. I'm never staying there again.
Hilton DID pay for a new luggage and laptop bag so I didnt risk taking any of the disgusting bugs back home. They also said they were going to give me Hilton points...which they haven't yet.

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