Courtyard by Marriott
601 Main St
Fort Worth, TX 76102-5407

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I stayed at the Courtyard By Marriott Downtown/Blackstone on Tuesday, 10/21/14. I woke up in the morning with hives. My colleague and I checked the bed and looked up bed bug bites and didn't think that's what it was. However, once I was able to take antihistamines, the hives went away and I was left with clear bed bug bites all over my legs, arms and neck.

Woke up to something crawling on my arm. Found a large adult bed bug under the pillow- I killed the bug and left it in the bed. I photographed the room and the bug in the bed. Upon informing the front desk they offered to call an ambulance!?and then relocated me to another floor.
I will be taking the issue up with the management in the AM and my lawyer later in the day.
I travel extensively for work and will be moving my business back to the Hilton chain.

I stayed at the hotel for a business trip and was there for 2 weeks. I got several bites and had no idea what they were from. Since I have never had this experience before I didn't know to suspect bed bugs. I returned home and several weeks later I noticed the bites again and some blood spots on the sheet. My husband and I looked over the bed and we were shocked to see a congregant of "bugs" on one end of the bed. We called an exterminator and he told us what we had...I always thought these "bug

s" were just a a way to make a story told to children upon retiring fun "...don't let the bed bugs bite." We have lived in our home for 10 years and have never even heard of anyone having this kind of infestation. Hundreds of dollars later and investment in new bedding, encasement units and now travel protection (special plastic ways of protecting items when travelling and a heater unit to kill anything that might make its way again to our home...), we still feel uneasy. My husband and I are neat and clean and having something like this "invade" our home is a travesty. I am most unhappy with the Courtyard by the Marriott for allowing this to happen. It took me a while to get the courage to even report this as it is a horrible thing to go through. I don't sleep well as I now expect to be aware in case of another attack/infestation. The hotel made a lot of money off of me and now I am paying for it all over again mentally and monetarily.

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