Adams Mark Dallas
400 Olive St
Dallas, TX

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I couldn't find where to delete my report so this is a retraction for Dallas Sheraton. We had a pest control company that "specializes" in bed bugs come re-inspect our home and they did not find anything. Whew. That is a relief. Also, to Sheraton's credit, they also had the room checked and found nothing. Apparently, my doctor gave me a wrong diagnosis. Although I am still covered in bug bites, they seem not to be bed bugs.

Sheraton Dallas on Olive. Room #1841. Stayed on 11/23/2013.
After a week or so of staying overnight at this hotel, I began getting red rash like marks all over my face, neck & chest. A few on my arms. Husband thought it was some sort of rash but I insisted it was some sort of bug bites. I went to the doctor today and he confirmed that it is bed bug bites! This hotel is the only place we have stayed that is not our own bed since June. I highly doubt we're experiencing bed bugs from June only now

in Dec. If there were a place on here to provide pics I would. I look like I have some sort of disease there are so many bite marks! And, of course, this occurs right before all our Christmas gatherings. :(

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Stayed here from 9/21-9/22. Found an unidentified bug on one of the beds. The person I stayed with got about five bites, similar to mosquito bites, on his abdomen.

Stayed at this hotel (now a Sheraton) 8/31/12-9/3/12 in room on 14th floor. Bed bug bites all over my arm and forehead.

Sheraton Dallas 400 Olive Street

Checked in 4/21/2011 and checked out 4/24/2011. On 4/23/2011 I noticed many bites on my arms. Went to work that following Monday and the nurse said that it was bed bug bites. I stayed on the 20th floor. I had friends that stayed on the 19th floor and had the same problem.

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