Wilderness at the Smokies
190 Gists Creek Rd
Sevierville, TN 37876-1316

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Holy Moly. We were eaten up! We thought that it was just mosquito bites untill we got home an unpacked and found them ALL IN OUR SUITCASES! We immediatly took them outside to the liddle of the yard to inspect it further. Dozens of those bugs came out. How we didn't see them while we were there is beyond me! I called the pest control guys to come and inspect out home to see if we maybe had an infestation and didn't know it (we keep our luggage in our closet when not in use) but he found not evide

nce at all in our home that there were any. This place is a disaster and it will send you home with something YOU DO NOT WANT. The pest control guy told us that he would continue to check our home every month really good and inspect it for bedbugs. After reading the dozens if not hundreds of complaints all over the web about this infestation at this resort, I do not see how they can still stay in business! They need to get a fogger fumigator in there and stop putting their customers at risk for carrying them home to infest their homes. We took all the laundry to the coin wash but burned our luggage. It wasn't worth the chance!

STAY AWAY, do NOT risk your kids or your home. Find a different place that is not infested like this one!

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We have been many times before and loved every minute of it. Our daughters could never get enough of the waterparks, and we were able to get a little relaxing in too.
However, this visit was not as good and we will not be back. I always assumed these were made up complaints on sites like this until I woke up and those bugs were all over our bed. Big ones and little ones. Not only is it scary, the bites itched us for 3 days afterwards. We stayed this last time the second week in July this year.

I comlained only to be ignored and brushed aside. I thought I would log on today to see what all I could find and see if I was crazy or if there had been other reports and I am shocked at the DOZENS of reports on here and trip advisors website.
I wish I had taken the reviews seriously and stayed away, it ruined our whole trip and were scared and worried about bringing these bugs home with us. Why would a resort like this not take it seriously and call a bug guy to come out and spray each room when a complaint comes in?

And how many people actually come to a website like this to say they had a great time and no bedbug issues? It is apparent that this nasty resort has employees making false claims about how wonderful it is to bury the real issue that they no longer care about the service they provide or the cleanliness of thier rooms. I am sad to say that we will not be here anymore since this was always our favorite place to stay every summer. Though we have made many memories here that were great--- that one night has ruined our whole memory of this place!

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I was weary of going after finding this site and of the reports but we took our chances ,prayed and went . We took necessary precautions such as checking mattress and putting suitcase in bathroom , we found no evidence of bugs just some spiders and webs on outside balcony , lol the kids had such a great time and didn't want to leave will defiantly go back , :)

We just finished our first (and definitely not our last) family vacation today and as a (worried to death about bedbugs Mom!) I'm here to say I NEVER saw one or evidence of one on the whole trip. Relax and Have Fun!

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Bedbugs on both beds. Shows that it has been untreated for a while. Managment didn't seem to care and almost rolled their eyes at me when I brought it to their attention. I wish I would have came here first and saved the $800. We took all our clothing items to a local coin laundry and washed them and dried them. We tossed the luggage so we would not bring their infestation home ( we even tossed our shoes in for a few minutes to kill any eggs that may have been hitching a ride). You can tell the

hotel is having employees to log on to various sites to try and offset the negative comments. They need to just address the issue. I wonder if it would do any good to contact the local Health Department in that county? Do you know what we, as consumers, can do to bring a solution to this? Does contacting the Better Business Bureau help? Their lack of concern is troubling and it is scary to see SO MANY reports and nothing but excuses on their end. Please be careful if you stay here. Take only clothes in plastic bags and leave your luggage in the car. Find another hotel in the area if possible and save your sanity

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checked in on 7-4-2014 at 7:30 in the morning.The girl that checked us in acted like we were bothering her , because we overheard her say that she couldn't even go "SMOKE". That was just the beginning of our nightmare !!!! First it was roaches , then a little bugs crawling around on our sheets that looked like ticks. Well it was BED BUGS.The same front desk girl that had to smoke acted like we were getting on her last nerve. She told us that they were not any managers up there so she got on the

phone and kept calling the other resort. She told us that the managers were not in yet. No help at all. We packed up our things in plastic bags and left. Beware of this place it will cost you a lot of money when you get home to get all of your clothes and things stemmed and cleaned. what a mess !!!!!

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We stayed there last week, and we saw no signs of bed bugs.

BEDBUGS!!! We had bedbugs and it was HORRIBLE. The staff was rude, the managment almost laughed at us and told us that no one would believe us and that there are thousands every month that come in and my complaints would not matter. NEVER AGAIN will we go back. This was our 7th time going and have always loved it.
*** I ADVISE ANYONE WITH A BEDBUG PROBLEM TO CONTACT THE BBB AND REPORT IT and trip advisor as well. This should NOT be allowed to continue!

We stayed here the weekend of May 23, 2014 and we had bed bugs in our room. My son had bites all over his legas and my daughter's friend also was bitten mulitple times. We found several bugs but at the time I thought for sure they could not be bedbugs.. not at THIS resort. I WAS WRONG! Sorry to say, I did not report this to hotel staff. We stayed at the River lodge hotel (side closest to the indoor water park) on the second floor.

We will NOT be going back.

Please know that they have a massive bedbug problem and REFUSE to address it! Was in room 23005 and had bedbugs this past Sunday night. Complained to manager that we had to pick them off of us and even had a dead one in the room for house keeping to see. They came in and "investigated" and saw nothing. After going online to research more on bedbugs, Those black spots on the mattress seams were droppings of bedbugs!!!! But the Manager on hand said they found no evidence and would NOT be treatin

g the room before allowing another family to fall victim! I put it out of my mind as we left the Wilderness and went to a different hotel to try to relax. Now I am home and I will be calling the health department next week when they open back up and do whatever I can to prevent another family from what we went through with our kids at #wildernessatthesmokies . I will find every single travel place online starting with tripadvisor.com all the way to the bed bug websites that expose hotel that HIDE the issue. I never asked for a thing from the Wilderness -- only for the room to be treated before renting it back out. One of the 3 check in associates was so sorry and apoligized over a dozen times and did mention to one of the others that they have had this come up many times before and they just give the customer a gift card to one of the restaurants on site while their personal belongings are heat treated to kill any bugs, but the manager said he would not honor that because he didn't feel they found enough evidence. And since there was no evidence, THE ROOM WOULD NOT BE TREATED. AND THAT is not acceptable! I know the terror my 11 year old had all this week trying to calm down and sleep only to wake up 2 to 4 times a night for me to check his bed again and again.

I have done a bunch of reading this past week to see exactly what bedbugs are and how to get rid of them in case I may have them in my things. These things are hard to get rid of!!! We will not be bringing in much of anything that we had in that infested place, but discarding it instead of risking bringing those to my home. I am shocked and appalled that a RESORT with so many people coming in and out would not be the least bit concerned with the spread of these bugs..... I have tried talking to managers only to be brushed aside like it is nothing important. They may say they take these serious, but when you have a DEAD BUG and BLOOD that they had sucked from you all over the place and the bug was still twitching when the housekeeping came in so they know it was a "fresh kill" #nasty #bedbugs

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U think it's hilarious how people think you have to "dirty" to contract bed bugs. They have come over from south and central America. There is an epidemic in the u.s.growing at a rapid rate. Research it before you talk smack. I have a friend that lives in a million dollar home top of the line maids and house cleaners. Guess what, they brought back bed bugs from overseas in their luggage!!! Then a friend of their daughters came over to stay and took them home with her in her overnight bag NOT ON


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I stayed at this resort for my honeymoon. Checked in october 22, 2013 stayed 3 days. We didnt have an issue until the day we were cleaning up to check out, found bed bug on the bed, and coming out of the sink and the jet tub, like someone tried to wash them down the drains.
We placed all of our luggage in sealed bags and had to drive 5 hours hoping nothing was traveling home with us. We were lucky to not have any exposure once home as we took all the precautions that we could.
We also stayed

in the time share part of the resort. Very disheartened to find those as we were going to plan another trip, but not now.

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My family and I arrived on sunday Oct. 6, 2013 and departed Oct. 10,2013. That was our first time at the wilderness and we found it to be very clean and the staff was very friendly and helpful. We did not have a problem, the only thing I did not like was they advertised kids eat free and the restaurant was not open. Thats the only complaint we had. I have already booked my stay again for Oct. 2014.

I stayed February 22, 2014 and didnt have a problem

Would just like to comment that bed bugs are not brought in by "dirty people" they are transported in suit cases and no matter what hotel or motel you stay in, it's gonna happen at some point. All hospitality staff do their best to make sure through daily inspections this doesn't happen, but it does. Immediate action is taken to properly take care of this problem, and if you see signs of infestation please notify the front desk at any hotel and motel.

My family stayed here during fall break on Oct. 14-16, 2013. We have stayed here several times in the past and have enjoyed this water park. As some have stated on here, they have stayed as well and have had no bed bug problems. I guess like us, they were lucky and had a bed bug free room. If that is the case, count your blessings, because, on our last visit in October, we were no so lucky.
Unbeknownst to us at the time, we came home with bed bugs. We discovered a few weeks later that my

daughter's room was infested. This was the only place we stayed recently, and after some research online, (this site and another) we realized that Wilderness at the Smokies had a bed bug problem. From the bed bug registry site and trip advisor, it is obvious to us that Wilderness has known about this issue for several years. All in the name of profit, they have knowingly rented rooms with recent infestations. One treatment does NOT mean a room is bed bug free. As we have learned the hard way, it can take up to 10 or more treatments. My husband called and spoke to, Brett Book, one of the guest managers at Wilderness, and he was rude, but finally admitted to my husband that the whole place including the room we had stayed in had been treated after our stay, however, as I said before, one treatment does not eradicate bed bugs. Has Wilderness withheld from renting the rooms with a history of bed bugs including all the rooms adjacent to those rooms while they treat their problem? I don't think that is the case. This has cost my family well over 1500 dollars to eradicate our infestation. We also have had to buy my daughter a new bed. This has caused a great, financial hardship for my family. When we called, management did not care. This was one of our favorite places to visit, but never again. I have told everyone I know, and will put a similar review on trip advisor and other sights to warn customers. Shame on Wilderness at the Smokies, and if you chose to visit this place...be aware, and stay at your own risk.

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This is really sad. My kids have been wanting to stay there and we were actually getting ready to book until we seen this report that a friend had posted on Facebook. Thank god we did not stay there and decided to go elsewhere! Thankful for sites like this that make is all aware of things!

This is really sad. My kids have been wanting to stay there and we were actually getting ready to book until we seen this report that a friend had posted on Facebook. Thank god we did not stay there and decided to go elsewhere! Thankful for sites like this that make is all aware of things!

I am a sr. Environmental health specialist for a neighboring state. Bedbugs are a new threat throughout the US. With the regulations placed on the dept of agriculture in the disuse of certain pesticides we will encounter this with many pest in coming years. Bb's can b found anywhere people congregate. These bugs have been brought back from central/south America on the backs of immigrants. Both legal and illegal, where DDT killed them out for us in the 40's n 50's our southern brothers were not

as lucky.

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Stayed at the river lodge in November thanksgiving an didn't have a problem with anything.

Stayed here in June of 2013 and August 2013. Did not have any problems what so ever. Stayed at the River lodge. Have also stayed here numerous times in the past. Dirty people bring in bedbugs. It is not the hotel.

In response to recent comments on this site, Wilderness at the Smokies would like to communicate the steps the resort takes in the prevention, detection and control of bed bugs. On a daily basis, our housekeeping staff conducts a thorough visual inspection of each unit. Additionally, an intensive chemical treatment is performed and repeated every 90 days to make sure that all units at Wilderness at the Smokies do not have bed bugs; our resort is the only one in Sevier County to take this extra

step and expense to insure that our guests have the best experience possible and that no bed bugs are present. This treatment, performed by EcoLab, is completely safe for our guests and was most recently conducted during early December; it is a state-of-the-art treatment that is above all industry standards, and Wilderness at the Smokies feels that this investment in our buildings and in our guests’ comfort is a solid business practice.

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Was concerned when i saw this because we had vacationed here, with no incident, found this resource


National bed bug registry

I stayed there with my daughter on her promnight. I had no issues with bed bugs there. I have read all of these comments. I want to respond. There are different stages of bed bugs. When they are first started they are like clear dots which you are the hardest to see. You can see them but its very hard to. When the bugs start to get bigger, then those you can definitely see. They do leave little dots of blood. Once a place gets bed bugs, it is very hard to get rid of. Everyone wants to blame the

hotel for this, but in all reality these bugs are brought in from the people that stay there. I can see where this is such a huge epidemic. They can treat and treat for this issue and think they fixed it, but it just takes one person to bring them in for this to start over again. I actually feel very bad for the hotel business. There are precautions that they can take, like putting bed bug covering on all mattresses and box springs. So this is my suggestions for people who are going to be staying at a hotel. Don't take your luggage in with you, leave it in your car. If staying for a longer period of time take a black trash bag with you. Put all your clothing that's dirty in a black trash bag. Have a spray bottle of pure rubbing alcohol and spray you, your family, the beds, etc.... The alcohol will kill the bed bugs. when leaving to get into your car spray yourself, then when coming back to your room, spray again. When you take your clothes home make sure your trash bag is tied shut. Then immediately when taking them into the house, dry them for 2 hours on high and then wash the clothes. make sure before going in your home anything you took with you on your trip, spray it again (plus you and your family). This will help in not bringing them home with you. People this is not just at this place that there could be a case of bed bugs...this is everywhere. And these bugs don't just pick certain people or places, it can affect anyone, even the cleanest person on earth could have these.

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It depends on your time zone what the date is. It is the 8th where I am. My friends and I stayed at River Lodge 12-22 to 12-24 with no issues. I didn't think to look for bed bugs but I thought the room was extremely clean. I didn't have any itching or bites and neither did the kids. Maybe it was a past issue that has been resolved. I would definitely stay again but will certainly be more cautious in the future.

Well 3 positive reports claim there are no bed bugs and the reports are date January "8", 2014! Looks like someone's not telling the truth because I'm posting this on January "7", 2014 at 11:04pm! It's not even January 8, 2014 yet! #busted. Might ought to change your date to make your story more believable!

Interesting how the past 4 reports were submitted within 24 hours of each other.... You think the resort finally got wind of this website? Lol. Maybe they should try cleaning the place instead of posting a couple positive reviews. I mean, let's be serious..... Noone posts here to give a positive review!

Stayed there with no issues! Perhaps you nasty people are bringing the bedbugs with you! How about bathing more than once a week and perhaps you won't find any "bedbugs" there!

We have stayed there 3 times in the past year and have never had any problems it is the most enjoyable in Gatlinburg. Going back there in Feb

We stayed there on Christmas Day and had no problems and didn't see any bed bugs. Would definitely stay there again.

We have stayed there twice between the months of June and July. My husband and two kids NEVER saw bed bugs nor did we get bit. We are very pleased with the resort. It's one of our favorite places to go. I'm very disappointed seeing these reports because in the times we have gone we have seen nothing. I am also a school teacher and know what to look for and yes you can see bed bugs. The larger ones have just been around longer. We will still go to Wilderness. Just because there are reports on her

e now doesn't mean they will always have them all the time.

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To TNFLIGHTRN....I work in a place setting where I have found the bugs my own self.,.YES you C A N see them with your eyes..and I agree it's best to check everything before staying in your room...But if there has been this many incidents...I think someone not doing their job, to get rid of the bugs...bc everything in the resort needs to be sprayed, washed, etc...we at my work place check and spray every 2 weeks..plus I go around asking those I know that are infected...the only real way is for ev

eryone to work together and try to get it under control..

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Entire football team stayed at Wilderness at the Smokies for Battle of Rocky Top tournament Nov 22-24, 2013. Our 15-yr old woke up w 5 bites. We checked the mattress & took pics and video of bed bug crawling on mattress. Hotel was very responsive and saw a bug when they tore the bed apart, they treated all our luggage and clothing and put our things in sealed bags, and gave us 2 rooms instead of 1 and comped our 3-nite stay. Our son ended up with 52 bites from his neck to his waist. We took eve

rything home in sealed plastic bags the hotel gave us & I heated everything in the dryer for 30 mins & left our luggage outside in 26 degree weather overnight in case the treatment at hotel didn't work. Our dr prescribed 10 days of Keflex antibiotic in case bites became infected.

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We stayed June 10 2013 at wilderness stone hill lodge and woke up and found bed bugs crawling on my five year olds pillow. My husband lifted up box spring in front of housekeeping manager and bed bugs were crawling on the bottom of box springs. They refunded our money and said they would send us certificate for free stay. They even offered to have all our stuff cleaned. Doubt we go back though!

We stayed at the Wilderness Lodge on June 1 and 2 for my son's Birthday. I thought I checked the beds and mattresses. Unfortunately, I woke up with bites in a row on my arm and leg. We had a suite with 5 other boys. I was the only one bitten, thank goodness. It has been a week and I am still itching! I went to the Doctor and they gave me medicine but, it still is painful. I had quite a reaction from the bites. My ear was bothering me too and he said I had a bite in there too. The bugs mu

st've been in my pillow! Beware and look there too.

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We went to Wilderness at the Smokies the week of May 20th, 2013 - May 24th, 2013. I had got on this website after a friend had made me aware that you could get on here and check hotels for bed bug. I saw these reviews and was horrified. I almost didn't go on my vacation because of these reviews. We decided to go and check for ourselves. We checked into our room, but left all of our things in the van. I went into the room, and being trained on bed bugs when I worked for home health, I knew what t

o look for. I took all bedding off and checked the mattresses, box springs, pillows, and headboards, there was NO SIGN of bed bugs. We stayed here for a week and there was NEVER any signs of bed bugs. I have stayed here three years in a row, and have never seen or been exposed to bed bugs at this resort. I have stayed at both River Lodge and Stone Hill Lodge, and never had any problems. Yes you can see bed bugs with the naked eye, and you can see black dots (blood) on a mattress that is infested with bed bugs, and you can also see their shed skin, as well as blood drops (black dots) in the folds and crevasses of the mattresses. Be aware bed bus like wood as well, not just mattresses. My advise would be do your own research on bed bugs and check your own rooms when you go on vacation, it is worth the extra 30 minutes it will take you to examine your room for these critters they are one souvenir you don't want to take back home with you. Always leave your luggage and belongings in the car, until you have checked your room. Hope you stay at Wilderness at the Smokies will be as enjoyable as my families was. Thanks

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Pay NO attention to TNFLIGHTRN on who says you cannot see bedbugs with the naked eye. How dumb can one get. Bed bugs are good size bugs. Just look them up on the internet. If you can't see them with the naked eye, they you are legally blind.

We stayed at the wilderness 04/01/12 for three nites. Woke up with two kids covered with bites.
I was horrifed to learn about this after the fact!Will not stay here anymore!!!

Folks you can not see bed bugs with the naked eye!!!!! If you don't like paying $400+ per night, go to Microtel. No one at TN State level has any reports of bed bugs here. Have spent numerous times there and never had a problem.

My husband and I just got back from a two night stay and all I have are horrifying memories of bed bugs! From one room to another they went from bad to worse! My husband, myself, and both babies had to have our things quarantined twice! There were thousands of bugs and eggs in both rooms on two different floors!

March 2012
We stayed at the resort for a Girl Scout trip. On the first nightb2 of the girls woke in the night with bugs crawling all over them. The girls were covered in bites. After complaining to staff we were given a new room and a full refund. The next morning we were horrified to find that our former room was occupied by new guest! There is no way the room had been treated in just a few hours. We spent the entire next day washing clothes and luggage. The girls were afraid to sleep the rema

inder of the trip. We spent over $ 2000 on the rooms for the trip and were very upset to find we were sleeping with bugs!! Some of the girls even experienced rashes from bites days after we got home. Disgusting!!!!!

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This is an overpriced, bug infested resort with arrogant and rude staff! Will NEVER stay here again. Moved to Westgate Resort Gatlinburg, where I wish I would've stayed the whole time.

Reading the other reports/complaints from LAST YEAR it makes me even more upset than I was initially because it is obvious they have had a bed bug problem for over a year now and haven't done anything to resolve the issue. Took my family to Wilderness at the Smokies in Nov of 2010 for a long weekend. Paid a little over $400.00 per night and we also had bed bug bites all over us. Didn't realize what was going on until the 2nd night when I saw one crawling on my 3 year old daughter while she was

sleeping. Needless to say I was not happy at all, the worst part was there was no manager on staff to help resolve our issue I stayed up all night long keeping bed bugs off my kids while they slept. The next day when a manager finally showed up well let's just say it wasn't pretty and I let them have it. They did reverse all the charges on our rooms and we left there and came back home. The fact that this has been going on for some time now is really infuriating to me. We won't be back, it was overpriced for what you got anyway.

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I stayed at the Wilderness at the Smokies April 8 to April 10, 2010 in room 13101. Though our room was quite roomy and appeared clean, I arrive home with bed bug bites all over my stomach. Initially, I thought I had a rash, but quickly realized this was no rash. I contacted the resort to inform them, and they acted very nonchalant. I spoke with 2 front desk managers and both barely apologized for the inconveniece I experienced. I would think for $444 a night, they would have been more remor

seful for the unsanitary and bed bug infested room. My family will never travel there again!!

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Stayed at The Wilderness at the Smokies on Friday, December 4-6 2009...found bedbugs crawling on my suitcase!
I heard they had bedbugs and called them several times before booking my room, after several attempts to get an answer someone finally got on the phone to tell me they have not seen any and have not ever treated for any. This I found out was a lie..I talked to a staff member who told me, they have to tell you that they DO NOT have them..I'm DISGUSTED!!!!

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