Comfort Suites Pigeon Forge
2423 Teaster Ln
Pigeon Forge, TN 37863

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Checked in on 5/15/15 around 9:00 pm. Room 202. I always check the mattresses and other areas of the room for bedbugs and just for general cleanliness when I first enter a room. I immediately noticed the fitted sheet was dirty (brownish smears and then gray spots). I pulled the fitted sheet off the left side top corner and did not see anything. When I went to the other side (closest to the wall) I scooted the mattress out and noticed what looked like crumbs, dirt, and dust collected all over the

bed skirt against the headboard. I touch it to pull it down some and at least 5 small reddish brown bugs scurried away. My husband came over and saw them too. I work in a school system and have recently been made aware of what bedbugs look doubt, these were bedbugs! My husband took some pictures and we grabbed our bags and went back to the front desk. I told the lady and she went back to the room with husband took our stuff out to the vehicle with no intentions of coming back in. When we looked the bugs were not on the bed skirt any longer and she did not lift the mattress to look for them but apologized for the nastiness and asked what I wanted to do. Since we used our choice privilege points we have to call the corporate office to get the points back but the lady said she would let them know why when they contacted her and it would not be a problem. She apologized again. This would have been the third time we have stayed at this hotel without incident before. Best advice is ALWAYS check before you bring your stuff in the room!!!

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We stayed at the Comfort Suites in Pigeon Forge on March 13 through March 15, 2015. We received a good deal on the room so we decided to give it a try. The room was fine but wasn't the best hotel we have stayed in. Within a week of staying we noticed red itchy bumps forming on our arms, chest, and neck. I immediately went to the Doctor and had several test ran. The Doctor advised that they were bed bug bites!!! I only had 7 bites on my left arm. However my wife had 32 bites and my daughter had 2

4 bites. I thought it was odd that the bites did not show up immediately. My doctor stated that the bites normally do not show until 8 to 14 days after being bitten. I also did research myself and confirmed this information to be true (if you don't trust me just Google it). We had our home checked and no bed bugs were found. The only place we could have been bit is at this hotel. It is unfortunate that I did not check the room for bed bugs when we got there. This is out 1st encounter with bed bugs, but I will never make that mistake again! We will not be staying at the comfort suites again.

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We had reservations for our 30th wedding anniversary on the night of the 27th. After turning the lights off I felt itchy and got up and turned the lights on and glanced at the pillow and seen a bug and smashed it and then moved the pillows and there were several bed bugs scurrying about on the pillows. If you smashed them they were bright red blood spots. I tried to call the desk and did not get an answer so I put my gown in a plastic bag got dressed and run down to the front desk and insisted t

hat the man come up and see for him self. After showing the man the bugs he told us that everything was filled up around there and there were no vacancies. He did refund our payment and we were forced to sleep in our Mini Van for the night. After speaking to the corporate office number that I was given, I don't think anything will be done about this situation. They said they were sorry and the matter would be looked into. I am still itching and freaked out about this.

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Friday March 7th, 2014 I was at Comfort Suites in Pigeon Forge, TN with my grandson and he said "Hey there's a bug crawling on my bed", and then he said "Hey there's another one and it's trying to go down into the sheet." Then I got up from my bed and examined it.He pulled back his sheet and we saw 2 more, then lifted up the mattress and saw a bunch of them coming out of a hole in the box springs. You could see a lot of tiny white particles around the hole that could have been eggs. In my bed, I

found another small one crawling. Inside each pillow (2) there was one each. They looked exactly like the pictures. I carried 2 inside a pillowcase to the front desk to show the man and he wouldn't look at them. We checked out after throwing some clothes away and all he would put down on the paper was I was dissatisfied with the room. I asked had that ever happened and he said "Well people have SAID they saw them." I am 100% certain these were bedbugs.

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