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On 8.14.11, I stayed at the Millennium Maxwell house in a double room- room 414. I was accompanied by 3 other females, we are married mom's getting away for a night of fun. Our group included an RN,pharmacist, and nurse practitioner. I and the others came back to the hotel around 11pm, as we were tired and wanted to get some rest. We had a group of 13, and 3 rooms booked. Of course we were in and out of each other's rooms having fun, etc. Around 1:30 AM central time, my roommate returned to the

room only to discover around 30 bugs on her bed. She then informed me of the problem. Directly next to my head was 1 bedbug. Upon leaving the bed, multiple other bedbugs were crawling on the sheets, and headbord. Management was called. Since no manager was availible, security offerred another room. We were so disturbed we decided to drive home- which meant that I was awake over 24 hours. My nice one and only trip away with the girls was ruined. I will state that all 3 rooms were reimbursed by the hotel. I would advise that no one stay in this hotel unless the problem has been eradicated (very difficult.)

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