2555 W End Ave
Nashville, TN 37203-1423

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On October 11, 2012, we stayed in this h;otel.
Courtyard Marriott, Westend Avenue, Nashville, TN.
Upon arising and getting ready to check out, we found a bedbug. We reported it and the assistant manager who saw it. When we called the manager, we were told that they had it checked and there were no bedbugs. All this was after all our belongings were placed, with their help, into plastic bags. They did refund us for our room, but what about our dry cleaning bills and our luggage which was left

there. Please do not stay here. It is a nice hotel, but unless you want to get bedbugs I do not recommend it.

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We have reservations for this hotel on October 11,2012. I was told by the management there were no bedbugs. I do not expect to have any problem!

My mom and 3 of my aunts checked into this hotel for a girl's night out on 6/24/2012. Luckily they discovered the bed begs shortly after going to bed and they began to itch. When they pulled back the sheets, the discovered the bugs on the top and sides of the sheets. They immediately left the hotel, but not before receiving a total refund.

Multiple bed bug bite to the face and back. Roommate also stayed in the same bed and had to them to the back. Required one day off from work and multiple steroid injections, antibiotics,and topical steriod cream. Was absoltely horrible and this hotel did nothing about it!!!

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