Hotel Indigo
301 Union St
Nashville, TN 37201-1401

Found 2 reports:

We stayed here over Easter weekend 2013 in room 906. The first 2 nights were event free. After our 3rd night here out of 4, I noticed multiple red spots (at least 50) covering the top of my right breast. At first I was not sure they were bed bug bites. But the day we left, they turned into red welts and little blisters.

Searching the web, they were unmistakably BED BUG BITES. After a week, the centers of the spots are scabbing over, the swelling is down and they appear to be healing. Th

ey are still very red in color. And they sting and tingle.

We had even looked in the sheets our first night and saw no signs of bed bugs. I looked in the seams of the mattress, lifting the mattress pad, no signs. I did NOT have the sheets changed the next morning (day 2) at the encouragement of the hotel to save water, the precious environment, etc. MISTAKE! I will ALWAYS insist on clean fresh sheets everyday I stay in a hotel from now on.

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I stayed a the Hotel Indigo Downtown in April 2011 in room 313. The first I spent there was nice and pleasant but when I awoke the next morning I was covered in bites that itched. I went to the front Desk to inform them and they moved me into another room. I was surprised that a Hotel like this would have this kind of issue.