Days Inn-Stadium
211 N 1st St
Nashville, TN 37213-1103

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I woke up my second morning of an already miserable stay in this hotel to a bed bug crawling on the pillow I had just slept on. I packed up and checked out of the hotel as fast as I could. Hours later, after arriving back home in Indiana, bites started appearing all over my arms. When I woke up the next morning, there were even more of them including on my face, neck, shoulders, and back as well. I have over 50 bed bug bites that have turned into huge itchy welts. The worst part is... the genera

l manager at this hotel won't even call me back. I've been trying for the past four days to contact her. I've even tried emailing her and she won't respond. Worst customer service ever! DO NOT stay here unless you want to be miserable.

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