Cumberland Inn
150 W Trinity Ln
Nashville, TN 37207-5050

Found 3 reports:

Laid in bed to get a good night sleep and sure enough I started scratching !!!! Pull the covers back and seen a bedbug !!!! The clerk wouldn't do anything about it or give us our money back !!!

Update! Woke up and turned on light, sure enough, found bloodsuckers scurrying off twords headboard. Looks like I'm donating sheets and blankets this time (donating to the trash!) woke up w more bites, including one huge one on forehead. Freaked out. Grossed out.

I always bring my own sheets. Always. Put my sheet on top of comforter and used my own blanket. Forgot pillows, first time ever. Figured one night couldn't hurt, covered the hotel pillow with my pillow case and my own towel. Woke up with 20 large ITCHYwelts from my toes to my ears (yes, really my ear received a bite on the inside). Never saw a bug or signs of bug on my blankets, watched the cleaning lady put fresh sheets on bed but still bitten. Never stay here.

No nearby bug reports