Holiday Inn Express Memphis Medical Center Midtown
1180 Union Ave
Memphis, TN 38104-6669

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I woke myself up in the middle of the night because I was itching in different spots on my body. I suspected bedbugs and immediately turned on the light and found one crawling away. I smashed it on the sheet and it left a nice large blood stain.
I alerted the front desk and they gave me a different room for the night. A hotel employee also came that night and checked the bug I had smashed. I ended up with about 12 bites in total over various parts of my body. The general manager told m

e they hire a service and spray 8~10 rooms weekly so at least they are making an attempt at preventative measures. They handled the situation pretty well although their exterminator said there was no evidence of bedbugs in the room – even though I had killed one and left it on the sheet for them.
I should add that I've stayed in this hotel several times before and never had a problem.

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On July 3, 2011 I was staying at the Holiday Inn Express, 1180 Union Ave, Memphis, Tenn when I saw something on my pajama top that looked like a bug. I had just gotten out of bed (6:00 a.m.) and was about to take a shower. I went back to the bed to see if there was any sign that there were bugs. I alerted my roommate and we were shocked to see them crawling all over the bed I had just left. There were tiny ones and regular sized ones. I had never seen a bed bug in person but I had seen pict

ures of them. My roommate picked up a pillow from her bed and 2 large ones crawled out from inside the pillowcase. She had been up for about an hour at this time. I have never been so traumatized in my life! Luckily we were leaving that day. I threw away 2 pieces of luggage and my neck pillow. I washed or dry cleaned all my things and scrubbed everything I could multiple times. I am still not comfortable. The hotel people were nice but they denied knowing anything about the bedbugs. A staff member came to the room and saw some that we had killed but the rest had gone back into hiding again. To this day no one from the hotel has said or done anything to acknowledge to me or my roommate that this happened. I will not stay there again and I want others to know that bed bugs are there.

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