Doubletree-Memphis Downtown
185 Union Ave
Memphis, TN 38103-2619

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We have a pest elimination company who does preventive pest control treatments throughout the hotel on a monthly basis. I urge the Airline employee to contact me directly so that I may get to the root of the issue. I thank you in advance for your cooperation.

I work for an airline as a crewmember and have little say-so in our hotel selection. In July 2012 I stayed at the Doubletree and had my first encounter with bedbugs ever - receiving about 50 bytes in one night. Reluctant to stay at the hotel again, I was assigned a trip with a layover here last night, March 8, 2014. I prepared by bringing sweats and a long T-shirt and socks to sleep in. I slept with the light on and in the middle of the night woke up to find a bedbug on my pillow - my sleeping

companion luckily left only two bites on the back of my neck... the unprotected area. :-/. What are the odds, I couldn't make this stuff up!! I took pictures of the bugs and my neck which I will submit to our union and hopefully we will leave this hotel permanently.

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We stayed there on August 23-August 25 2013 for put one year anniversary. Not knowing there were bed bugs my husband woke up Saturday morning itching and Sunday I had bites all over my wrists and ankles! Tried calling to let them know and have received no response from the management! Great staff other than this!

I recently stayed here January 25 - 27, 2013 and have bed bugs bites!!

Stay there for just one night, with more than twenty bits on arms and neck. The most scare thing is find three bedbugs around pillow area the next morning with different size.

While not aware of the bugs when originally arrived, bites on my legs obtained while there indicate that I should have looked closer!!! Stayed the 2nd week of February 2012.

I should have been keyed off by the cleanliness of the rooms Apparently their vacuum cleaners don't quite get to the edge of the rooms. Dust, dirt, lint, crumbs,..all along the edge of the room. They place really needs a DEEP CLEAN!!

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