Courtyard by Marriott
75 Jefferson Ave
Memphis, TN 38103-2127

Found 4 reports:

December 2013: Stayed here for 3 nights on fourth floor with no issues. I probably would not have stayed if I had read these reports first. Maybe they acknowledged their problem and fixed it.

Stay away - Room 419 (notice this is the second report for the fourth floor)
Daughter has bed bug bites all over her leg - Stayed there June 7th.
Called hotel and the front desk confirmed that they had reports of bedbugs but nothing was seen. They definitely have them!!!!!!!

Took about two weeks after our stay but I started noticing bites I had also received the night of our stay. To rid my house has cost me I've 4,000 dollars. I think we were on the fourth floor. We stayed April 9th 2012

Stayed at this hotel on March 12th. Noticed the next day that I have over a dozen bites on my back from bed bugs. The itch is so intense. Two weeks later and the bites are still there and have not began to heal. Over the counter treatment did not work, had to seek medical attention.

No nearby bug reports