Comfort Inn Downtown
100 N Front St
Memphis, TN 38103-2117

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Stayed here on 17th July 2012 for one night, room on the 11th floor. I awoke with lots of red bites on my legs but I am Irish and did not know about bed bugs at the time. I had never expereinced this before. Since I came home I have been waking with these red marks every morning and now a pest company tells me these are bed bugs in my house which I have brought back from America. I must assume I got them in this hotel because I did not have these bites in any other hotel and this was the last pl

ace I stayed.

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02/22/08. woke up with a smear of blood on my neck--found a bedbug there, as well as several crawling on the bedclothes. told the hotel we wouldn't pay a penny for the stay--& on the zeroed out receipt, there was a code for "no charge due to bugs."

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