Best Western Twin Islands Motel
539 Parkway
Gatlinburg, TN 37738-3201

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i checked in on monday, nov. 4th with my sister. i was reading in bed in the morning and noticed a bug crawling on me. i picked it up and it burst blood on my fingers. i inquired at the desk and was told there were so many different types of bugs in the area it could be anything. he was smirking and told me i could go lift up the mattress and see if there was a trail of bugs crawling. i thought he was joking because what front office agent would tell thier guest to do such a thing? i found ano

ther bug again in the morning as well did my sister in her bed. i took a photo and took the bug to the front desk. they told me they would take the bug and get back to me as to what it was. it is now the 13th of nov. and they still have not got back with me. in the mean time we were on our way to visit family and i sent her a pic of the bug. she sent it to her bug guy and it was bed bugs. we had a stressfull ride trying what to do so we did not bring the bugs to her house. i ended up throwing away all my luggage and anything else that did not fit into the dryer. my sister has broken out with such bad bites that she in having to go to the doctor. i am really disappointed on the way the hotel has handled or should i say lack of handling this matter.

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We stayed here from 7/24- 7/27. We were in room 426. I did a bed bug check when we first got to the room and saw no evidence. The hotel is older and dated but seemed clean. I woke up the first morning and found one bug dead in the bed. Later I noticed a few bites on my face. The 2nd morning I woke up and again found one dead bug and my arm was covered in bites. That night I could not sleep. I turned on the light and found a bug on the pillow. It was alive. I jumped up and saw more bites all ov

er my other arm. We got dressed and checked out right after midnight. I just couldn't stay there another night. Now we are worried that we brought them home. Horrible experience!

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